DIY Tropical Painting Decor

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Orange, yellow, green, and blue. How lovely colors to look at, especially during a tiring day. Each of these brings a different mood. Orange, a vibrant color, would revive your energy. Yellow generates a positive vibe. Green, nature’s color, would soothe you and help you to relax, and blue color offers serenity. Luckily these are all present in a tropical painting; the sun, the sky, the ocean, and the plants. Make your own tropical painting using watercolor and release stress.

How To Make: Tropical Painting Decor

Let’s start! Here are the materials you’ll need:

  1. Set of watercolor
  2. 1 flat brush
  3. Small pointed round brush
  4. Water
  5. Tape

How to Create DIY Tropical Painting Decor:

  1. Border your paper with tapes
  2. Prepare your colors by adding a few drops of water to each
  3. Start creating the sky by applying two lines of blue. Make sure that you paint only in one direction. Apply the paint horizontally
  4. Dip your brush in the water to wash off the blue color
  5. Count three spaces from the blue color and apply a red color. Follow this order: the first line of red color on the third space, the second line on the second space. Lastly, the last red line on the first space. The last red color should overlap with the blue paint to create a purple color. Give two strokes each over the red lines to blend some of the blues
  6. Again, wash off the red color by dipping your brush in the water
  7. Apply the yellow color, similar to step 5. The last yellow line should overlap with the red color. This will produce an orange color. Don’t forget to give two strokes each over the two yellow lines to attain an orange color
  8. Dip your brush in your yellow color. Next, apply one line immediately. It should be next to the last color in your paper.
  9. Repeat step number 5 using the red color
  10. Repeat step number 5 using the blue color. This last color should be able to cover all the white part of your paper
  11. Let it dry completely. This would take about 20 to 30 minutes
  12. Add sun to your art. Get a small round brush and dip it in water and gently dab it on your paper to pick up the paint. Make a small circular motion to create your sun. Do it carefully to avoid scraping your paper. Dab your sun with a paper towel to finish creating it. It will actually show you the white color of your paper. Choose to place your sun in the mid-part of your artwork
  13. Underneath the sun, create a silhouette of an island or a mountain by placing an uneven line with black color. You can make it thicker on the right side and left side and thinner in the middle
  14. Draw a palm tree using brown color for the trunk and green for the branches and the leaves

Frame your tropical painting to preserve it. Avoid hanging it where it would catch direct sunlight or be exposed to too much light and heat.

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