What do you think when you hear “Country?” Taylor Swift? Tim McGraw? Or if you’re an interior decor buff, you might think about Rustic or French Country (which we wrote about). Country style varies to a lot of people and even places. You’ll hear people talk about Tuscan or Farmhouse appeal. But what most people can agree on is that Country is about using wooden flooring, furniture or accessories that are natural. Most importantly, a country style interior decor should evoke a feeling of a relaxed rural life. If you want a rural escape in the comfort of your own home, we’re going to share with you some easy country decorating ideas.

What is Country Decor?

Like what we mentioned, we have a varying definition of “country decor.” So what really is it? According to HGTV, “Country is a wide-ranging style that depends on geographical location but is generally exemplified by primitive furniture, muted colors, milk-paint finishes and vintage fabrics.” Country is about creating a space with snug and cozy atmosphere. It’s about using natural elements to create a place where you can unwind.

Easy Country Decorating Ideas

Now if you’re ready for some good ‘ol country style home, here are some easy country decorating ideas:


Wood Furniture

One of the essential element of country decor is using natural materials and what’s more natural than wood, right? Depending on your taste – modern or traditional country, opt for wood pieces even if they’re small focal points like a contemporary coffee table or a small native wood dining set.  

Storage Crate in White design by Aidan Gray – $726 Vanda Sofa/Console Table design – $2640

Use of Fabrics

Remember when you’re using fabrics with this interior design idea, whether it’s bedding, curtain or couch covers, use cotton or calico with a rough or open weave. This legitimizes the feeling of being in a rural area and the country style. If you’re crafty, you can also sew a quilt.

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For an easy country decorating idea, get some flowers. For a cottage country look, dried flowers will do the trick, but if you want the modern country look, it should be fresh or any flowers that are in season. It doesn’t have to be exotic but flowers that can be easily purchased. Try delphiniums, wallflowers, cosmos, daisies or cosmos.

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For home decor, you can get enamelware items. This will work especially great in the kitchen – bread bins, pot opposite, drinking glass, pots, jugs, canisters and whatever you can think of. Aside from being functional they also serve as decor. You can also use old non-functional items like old fans or old windowsill as wall decor. Old wash bins can also be repurposed as a sink.

Country Decorating Ideas
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Country Decorating Ideas
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Another fun part of the country decor are lights. You have a vast option for the design of light you can use – a chandelier, pendant light, or an old lamp head. To create a country atmosphere, add a few warm light. This will highlight and bring your whole interior together.

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And these are some easy country decorating ideas, by incorporating these elements, you’re bound to have a nice country interior design!