Easy Halloween Resin Project: Spooky Bears

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Hey, guys! Megan here, and I’m so excited to share my latest crafting project with you on my new channel. As you may know, I recently split up The Beige House into multiple YouTube channels, each covering its own topic. This particular channel is all about crafting, so get ready for some super cute (subjective, of course) spooky bears made from resin and paint. In this video, I’ll be making two different bears using a 3D bear mold that I found on AliExpress.

Two resin teddy bear statues with fake blood on their faces

Now, let’s get started! To begin, I mix up about 200 ml of resin for each bear. Resin can be quite expensive, so I always try to scrape off as much as possible from the container to minimize waste. Every drop counts, right? Once the resin is ready, I add a combination of alcohol ink and black mica shimmer to the first bear. I want this bear to have an opaque look with some interesting texture and shine when it catches the light. I’m not super precise with the measurements, but I just add a little bit of each component and mix it in.

The result is a bear with a subtle variation in color, rather than a flat black appearance.

Now comes the fun part – pouring the resin into the mold. I like to pour it in slowly to displace any trapped air and avoid air bubbles. I also gently tap and squeeze the mold to help release any extra air. Once the mold is filled, I smooth out the surface with my torch, making sure not to scorch the mold.

A person in purple gloves is enthusiastically putting on a vibrant purple nail polish.

Now it’s time to let the resin cure. After the waiting period, I unwrap the mold and unveil my creation. Wow! The bear looks amazing with no significant air bubbles. Success!

But we’re not done yet. To add a spooky touch, I use red shimmer mica and UV resin for the top coat. This is version one, as in my next attempt, I plan to try paint instead of UV resin. I apply a little bit of red shimmer mica using the same imprecise approach, just enough to get a shimmering effect on the bear.

A person holding red mica powder for crafting

Then, I carefully drip the UV resin down the bear, aiming for a splattered-blood look. Admittedly, I could have used a bit more resin to achieve a more watery effect. But hey, we learn from our mistakes and can always try again. After drenching the bear in resin, I use a metallic green marker pen to emphasize its eye for some added detail. Finally, I place the bear under a UV light to cure the resin, and voila!

A small teddy bear is sitting on a table in an Auto Draft.

We have a bloody bear number one, ready to be displayed for Halloween or any time you want to add a touch of spookiness.

Moving on to bear number two, I decide to skip the alcohol ink and solely use black mica for this one. Sometimes, less is more, right? I pour the resin on the side this time, aiming to reduce any trapped air bubbles. After burping the mold to release any excess air, I let the resin cure.

Once again, I am pleasantly surprised by the result. The bear looks fantastic with just the black mica, although there’s a small lip on the bottom that I’ll need to polish off. For this bear, I decided to try a different technique. Instead of UV resin, I use acrylic paint to create a blood splatter effect. Now, I must admit, I could have done this better. I simply dipped the tip of a brush into the paint and flicked it onto the bear.

A black teddy bear with a paint brush on a table.

However, I believe there are multiple ways to achieve the desired effect, and this method still works. The bear turns out looking totally traumatized and truly gives off a spooky vibe. It’s amazing how a little paint can transform a simple resin figure. And there you have it – my two spooky bears for Halloween. They may not have a specific purpose yet, but they would definitely look adorable on a mantle or as part of your Halloween decor.

Who says you have to put all the spooky bears away after Halloween, anyway? I hope you enjoyed this easy Halloween resin project. Feel free to check out the links below for the products and supplies I used in this video. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more crafting projects, and if you have any requests or suggestions, let me know in the comments. Happy crafting!

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