10 Easy Painting Hacks To Try

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Painting is a fun activity and even a hobby. If you love doing do-it-yourself projects or home improvements, you know how painting is a vital part of most projects. It is used to give new life and design to furniture or even a room. Want to improve a room? Paint it! However, we also know how it can be easily turned into a mess. You can easily splatter or drip paint everywhere, even your clothes. So to save you some time cleaning these stubborn paint, we’ve gathered easy painting hacks to make your paint job breezy!

10 Easy Painting Hacks To Try

Here are some genius painting hacks that you wish you knew sooner:

Deep Clean Your Brushes

We all know how frustrating and hard it is to get all the paint off of your paintbrush. It is also a bit impractical to buy new paintbrushes every time you paint. One proven solution to deep clean your brush – vinegar! Soak it in vinegar, then heat it in a pan. Once the vinegar has boiled, cool it down, and it’ll be easier to take off the paint residue on your paintbrush.

Remove Paint Roller Residue

Cheap paint rollers (or even expensive ones) sometimes have residues or fuzz. When painting with a paint roller, we want to avoid this. So before you go and dip your paint roller in the paint, roll it in tape or roll the lint remover on it. It will take off excess fibers and will ultimately make the application of paint smoother.

No-Clean Paint Tray

Are you tired of cleaning your paint tray? Save up time cleaning hard-to-remove paint from your paint tray by laying a layer of tin foil in your paint tray. Make sure to use high-quality aluminum foil or double the layer just to be sure that it won’t tear and spill onto the tray. Once you’re done, just remove the foil!

Rubber Band Hack

I think this is one of the most popular paint hacks, keep your paint cans clean by placing a rubber band around your paint can. By placing a rubber band, you’ll be able to avoid spills and drips. Simply swipe off your paintbrush in the rubber band, and it will remove excess paint.

Bye Splatters

Say goodbye to painting splatters by sticking your paintbrush through a slit cut. You can get any lid from a coffee or milk can. The lid will serve as some sort of shield, thus reducing the splatter, especially when you’re painting a high wall or surface.

Dropcloth Alternative

If you don’t have any dropcloth around, you can cover your floors with cardboard boxes. Just flatten them out and lay them down on the floor. You can also use plastic instead of dropcloths or even old tarps.

Mask Paint Fumes

Get rid of the unpleasant paint fume with this unexpected kitchen staple – vanilla extract. Drop some vanilla extract on any (non-white)paint and give it a stir. It won’t affect the paint and will mask the smell of the paint.

Fabric Softener As Paint Remover

Hate the smell of vinegar or paint thinner? You can clean your paintbrush with a fabric softener, they’re cheaper but still does the job. All you need to do is soak your paintbrush in a fabric softener for a few minutes, then rinse it off with warm water. Voila, you got a clean and fresh-smelling brush!

Window Painting Trick

Re-painting or painting your window? Avoid paint getting on the glass by applying vaseline or lip balm on the corners of the window with a q-tip. If ever paint gets to it, you can just easily wipe it off.

Smoothen Your Paintjob

Want that extra smooth paint job? Brown paper bag is to the rescue! Just rub the brown paper bag over your dried paint job and it will smoothen the surface more. Kind of like sanding it, but instead of using sandpaper, we use a brown paper bag!

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Wasn’t that helpful? Use these tips the next time you’re painting, and it will make painting a whole lot easier and faster! Any tips to share? Leave a comment below!

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