A Feng Shui Bedroom the Easy Way

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Creating a feng shui bedroom can feel overwhelming and like an advanced interior decorating idea, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Let’s break down the easiest way to feng shui any room, including your bedroom.

Feng Shui Bedroom 101: Why?

If you’re at all into eastern philosophy or decorating styles, then you’ve probably heard of feng shui. The TLDR; version is that it’s a way of arranging furniture and decor in such a way that creates a harmonious flow in the room, thereby reducing stress and giving you a little break from the world. Of all rooms to start, creating a feng shui bedroom is the best place to begin, as it’s the room that is supposed to be a calm and soothing environment.

Feng Shui Bedroom 101: Steps

Create a muted color palette

Try warm, organic tones like browns and reds, or cool tones like pastel purples and blues. A feng shui bedroom doesn’t have to stick to a particular palette, but the colors should be soothing to you and muted, so avoid any striking colors like bright reds or yellows.

Keep your bed away from the door

Offset the chi (or life force) of whatever is going on in the rest of the world by moving your bed as far away from the door as possible. This helps create more of the “sanctuary” feel to your bedroom.

Use a canopy or fabric around your bed

This helps prevent negative energy from pushing down on you while you rest and further adds to the feeling of closing off the bad energy from the outside.

Avoid sharp edges in furniture

A feng shui bedroom features soft curves and organic shapes, so try your best to avoid anything with sharp angles. Think about how something would “flow” around the item, and if it’s a drastic drop or bend, try to switch it out for something a little more generous in curvature.

Open up the space

The less clutter, the more the energy can flow throughout the room, so try to remove any knick knacks, excessive furniture, or piles of laundry (speaking for myself here!).

Invoke a “no electronics” policy

Many successful people, like Arianna Huffington or Pat Flynn, have removed their phone from the bedroom entirely as a way to bring back the calmness of their bedrooms. It’s a tough challenge, but give it a try for a week and notice if there’s a change in your mood while you’re in your bedroom.

If you want more info on how to create a feng shui bedroom, hit up Feng Shui for Dummies on Amazon or in your local library. Peace!

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