Do you love gardening?  Do you enjoy planting and nurturing plants? For a lot of people, gardening is therapeutic – there’s something about setting seeds, watering them and waiting for them to grow into a full-pledged flower, plant or even fruit. It’s a gratifying hobby which requires patience, hard-work and care. If you’re someone who enjoys doing this, you’ll know how important and fun it is to put marker to your plants. They make gardening more organized and also easier especially if you have a lot of plants. With that said, we’re going to share with you some easy garden marker ideas for your garden!

Why You Need a Garden Marker

You might be wondering, why should I label my garden? Here are a few reasons why you might want to put some garden marker on your plants:

  • If you’re growing produce like vegetables, fruits or herbs (this way you can easily identify which is which)
  • Learning about plant names/species, it’s also handy when you’re saving seeds for later use
  • You have unidentified plants/food in your garden
  • Sharing a plot/allotment with a neighbor or planting in a communal space
  • If you have a big garden and you need to keep track of your plants

Garden Marker Ideas For Your Plants

Excited to DIY your garden markers? Here are some easy and cheap garden marker ideas for your plants:


Pebble Stone Marker

Materials: Flat Pebble Stone, Paint, Paint Brush

Gather some medium sized flat pebble stone laying on the ground or you can purchase craft stones on craft store. Make sure they are dry and then you can paint them. Clearly label the stone with paint and then let it dry. After that, you can place it in front of your plants.

Smooth Unpolished Stones – $27.99


Acrylic Paint Set – $22.95



All Purpose Nylon Hair Brush Set – $4.99

Popsicle Stick

Materials: Popsicle Stick, Paint, Watercolor, Paint Brush or Marker

For some plants like potted herbs or even succulents, you can use a popsicle stick. Use a paint or a marker to write on the popsicle stick and stick it in the plant. To easily identify them, you can label them with different colors or even colored popsicle sticks.

Popsicle Stick – $6.90


Uni Posca Paint Marker Pen – $50.99

Wood Sign

Materials: Paint, Paint Brush, Nails, Hammer, Wooden Glue

Got some excess wood from your DIY projects? Use it to create a wooden garden marker. Simply cut a piece of wood (depending on what size you desire or how big the plant) then nail/glue it to a stick. Once you’ve got a sign, label it with paint or use a stencil to mark the sign.

Nail Assortment Kit – $6.89


Wood Glue – $6.08 


Hammer – $9.99 

Kids Veggie Patch

Materials: Popsicle Stick/Stick, Paper, Paint, Paintbrush, Wood, Wooden Glue

Teaching your kids about plants/gardening can be a fun activity. Not to mention, it teaches them responsibility as well as different kinds of plants. Create a fun garden marker idea with your kids by getting a piece of wood and painting a caricature of the vegetable/fruit then glue it on a popsicle stick.


White Cardstock – $4.79 


Chalk Board Label

Materials: Matte Black Paint or Chalk Board Paint, Chalk, Wood

If you got some potted plants inside your home, paint your pot with a chalkboard paint or a matte black paint and then label them with a chalk. You can also try this method as a variation to the wooden sign marker, instead of labeling them with paint, paint it with chalkboard paint. They’re reusable and inexpensive as well.

Chalk Ink Chalkboard Paint Matte Black – $24.99 

Wine Cork Marker

Materials: Wine Cork, Black Permanent Marker, Stick

Create an eco-friendly garden marker by using your used wine cork. Stick the wine cork to thin wooden stick, label it with black permanent marker and then put it in your garden. Easy peasy right?!

Garden Marker


Wine Corks – $13.99

Which one of these garden marker ideas for you plants would you try? Share them in the comment section below!