Flower Home Arrangement

Guide to Creating Flower Arrangements for Your Home

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Having flowers in your home is a really nice touch. It is visually appealing, relaxing, and a great addition if you want to brighten up any room. Like gardening or growing moss, a flower arrangement is a satisfying and rewarding hobby. Not to mention it is also therapeutic. Flowers have an immediate impact on stressful or depressive states by bringing delight and happiness into our lives and providing a long-term positive effect on our good mood. So if you want to make flower home arrangements your new hobby, we’ve got a few handy tips for you.

The Basics of Home Flower Arrangement

If you’re new to this hobby and would like to know a few basic things about flowers, we have written a nice article, “5 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Your Favorite Flowerswhich contains the basic things you need to know. If you want to learn more about the significance of some flowers, we’ve also covered that in our post. Now as for flower arrangement, you might need to get some tools like:

  • Gloves – protect your hands from thorns and other pieces from the flowers that might harm your hand.
  • Shears – adjust and cut flowers by cutting them with a special florist scissor or shears.
  • Florist tapes – create the form you want by using florist tapes to keep your flowers together.
  • Spray bottle – freshen up your flowers a bit by spraying them with water.

Guide to Creating Flower Arrangements for Your Home

Beautify your home by learning and decorating your house with flowers. Let’s get started:

Pick Your Flowers – what flowers would you like to work with? A great tip to ensure that you’re getting fresh flowers by getting those that are in season. You also need to inspect the flowers for signs of fatigue. If you’re unsure about the colors, a foolproof way to do it is by sticking to one palette.

Flower Home Arrangement

Water – prepare your water for your flower. You’ll want to trick your flowers into thinking they’re still growing, so make sure that they have the right water. Add a little dose of bleach to the water so that the flower still has an access to clean water. Alternatively, you use nutrient packets for flowers.


Cut the Stems – before you cut the flower stem, sharpen your shears. This is one of the keys to keeping your flowers fresh. Yo’ll want the flowers to maintain their freshness by sucking the nutrient it needs from the water.
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Start Arranging Your Flowers – for flower home arrangements, your setup doesn’t need to be flashy. Especially if you’re just a beginner, you can cluster the flowers by colors. Equally space them, and don‘t forget to add decorative leaves or branches to add more beauty to the arrangement.

Flower Home Arrangement

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Flower arrangement is really easy; you can find inspiration outdoors from nature or go through Pinterest. If you’re really serious about flower arrangement, you can take lessons online that will help you hone your skills.

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