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House Exterior Makeover Tips

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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in decorating our home’s interior that we overlook the exterior. The exterior is the first thing that people see, so it should always look neat and presentable. Remember the saying, “first impressions last?” It doesn’t only apply to us but also to our homes. If you have been neglecting your house exterior or you want to show it some tender loving care, we’ve got you covered!

House Exterior Makeover Tips

Now that summer is almost over and another season’s coming, it’s the perfect time to get things done. With that said, here are some handy house exterior makeover tips:

Clear Out Your Exterior

The first and easiest thing you can do is to clean your house. Mow your lawn, pick out weeds from your garden, do some cleaning of the wall on your porch, and remove any unwanted stuff or broken furniture. This alone will make a big difference in your home’s exterior.

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Do Repairs

Over time, it’s normal to see wear and tear. Maybe a broken board from your porch, a lock on a window, or a cracked brick wall? If you are good with tools, you can quickly repair these things. If not, you can ask for help or call a professional. Doing simple repairs can give your exterior a fresh look.

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Looking for a quick and easy way to give your house exterior a new look? Do some repainting! It’s very inexpensive and very DIY-able. You can choose to repaint with the same color or give it an entirely new color! If you’re a bit short on budget or just painted your house a few months back, then the next best thing you can do is clean your walls.

Home Paint Kit – $12.95

Add Some Accessories

Is your house exterior looking a bit boring? Then decorate it with some inexpensive furniture pieces or plants! Add some lovely planters or plant your front yard with flowers. You can even buy as simple as a new welcome doormat or a fresh wreath.

Door Mat – $21.98

Replace/Repair Fencing

Fencing is one of the essential elements of your house, it serves as a layer of protection and also, up to some sort, a decor. With that said, make sure that it looks a-okay. If you’ve got some budget, you can replace it. If not, repairing, power-washing, or repainting is more than enough.

Remove Problem Areas

A dead patch of grass, or a broken sprinkler can make your front porch or house exterior unkempt. To avoid this problem, check your exterior once a month for things that may need some repairing.

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Rejuvenate Your Garden

One of the first things people notice on a porch is probably your plants (if you have any), are they well-kept and nurtured? Or are they a bit overgrown? Get your garden or your lawn in tip-top shape. Weed out foreign plants, cut them, or even update them to match your home.

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These are just some easy house exterior makeover tips. By simply applying these, you’ll have a brand new-looking front yard or house exterior. Do you have some tricks to share? Leave a comment below!

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