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How to Grow Moss

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What do you think about when you hear the word “moss?” A lot of us will probably associate moss with a forest, a patch of small green plants on a fallen tree, or a green speckle from a rock in the woods. Moss is one of the most resilient plants in existence, and they are pretty easy to care for and maintain. This kind of plant is usually found in moist and wet areas – around rivers and streams. Moss can thrive in harsh conditions, whether it is the dry season or the cold/winter season. If you’ve wanted to grow moss in your own home for crafting or DIY home decor, read on for some useful tips.

Types of Moss

If you are planning to grow moss, there are two types you can choose from – Acrocarpous moss and Pleurocarpous moss.

According to, Acrocarpous moss is a type of moss in which the archegonia (i.e., female sex organs), and hence the capsules, are born at the tips of stems or branches. Acrocarpous mosses may branch extensively; once they have fruited, branches take over the erect growth.

Meanwhile, Pleurocarpous moss – the female sex organs (archegonia) and capsules are borne on short, lateral branches and not at the tips of branches. Pleurocarpous mosses tend to form spreading carpets rather than erect tufts. In simple words, the Acrocarpous grows upright while the Pleurocarpous branches out.

How to Grow Moss

Growing moss or gardening, in general, can be a fun and therapeutic hobby. If you’ve wanted to try and grow moss in your own garden for terrariums or other home decor ideas, here’s how:

Decide Which Moss You Want

There are two main types of mosses: Acrocarpous and Pleurocarpous moss. Before you start cultivating your moss garden, choose which moss you’d like to grow. If you’re planning to grow a large moss garden, consider combining the two.

Find an Ideal Plot

Moss is a plant that can thrive in a lot of conditions. However, if you cultivate a healthy moss, you have to put in a favorable place or condition. Moss loves being in a moist and a place where sunlight does not directly hit it.

How To Grow Moss
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Prepare the Plot

Before you transfer or plant your moss, make sure to loosen the soil. You can take some your gardening tools like a rake, plow it until it’s really fine and soft. Take out any weeds or wild plants so your moss can take the nutrition from the soil wholly.

Grow Moss
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Plant The Moss

Finally, plant your moss. Spray or sprinkle some water on your soil then you can place the moss by section with your hands. Press it firmly to the ground or the surface you’re growing it so that it can get situated.

Grow Moss at Home | The Beige House
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Water the Moss

Now that you’ve planted your moss. It’s time to take care of it. Water the moss daily for 2 to 3 weeks, use a sprinkler head or a hose with a very fine nozzle. Direct water pressure may damage your moss so make sure to be gentle when you’re watering them.

This is how to grow moss in your own home. What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below.

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