How To Grow Succulents

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Let’s admit it, not all of us have a green thumb and can maintain a plant. For people who are always busy and on the go, having a plant at home can work itself. You have to water it every day and make sure that it receives an ample amount of sunlight. This is why more and more people are opting for succulents – plants that store water in their bodies (leaves, stems, or both). Succulents come in different forms, colors, sizes, and types. Some have stripes, flowers, and even frills. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also pretty low maintenance. So if you want to grow succulents in your home, we’ve got some pretty helpful tips for you.

Why Grow Succulents?

There are tons of plants you can grow, so why succulents? Well, the main reason is pretty straightforward – they thrive in a lot of conditions. These beautiful plants require very minimal care and space, which can be attractive to people who don’t have the luxury of time or commitment. So compared to other plants, which are usually more delicate and need more attention, this type of plant rise above. Succulents are also visually stimulating and, as Millennials would say, very “Instagrammable” since they come in so many different shapes and colors.

How To Grow Succulents

Now for this post, we are going to focus on growing succulents indoors. Here are some tips on how you can care for and nurture your succulent:

Pick a Succulent

If you don’t have a succulent yet, that’s the first step! There are tons of varieties to choose from, so it can be overwhelming if you really want to select a succulent that’ll suit you, do your research, or check this post to see where Megan finds her favorites online. Also, if you are buying succulents, check out local plant stores or the farmer’s market – they have better plants and can give you lots of insights.

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Right Container

Succulents don’t need a big pot, but they should still have ample space for the plant to breathe. Pots should have a proper drainage hole and be just about their size. It can be enticing to place them in a fish bowl or those terrarium bowls, which is doable, however, in the long run, it may not be suitable for your succulents, especially if they don’t have drainage holes.


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The Right Soil

This type of plant doesn’t like being moist or getting wet too much, so pick a well-draining and gritty soil. You can also buy unique soil (these soils usually have pumice which is good for succulents) from home depot or a plant store.

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Repotting Your Succulent

When you get your succulent, it may be in a plastic pot or pouch. So prepare your container and soil, then prepare your succulent. Make sure to carefully remove the roots of your plant and dust off the excess soil or pebbles in the roots of your succulent. Once you’re done, fill your container with soil and replant it.  

Watering & Sunlight

Since succulents are water-storing plants, you don’t have to give them a lot of water. You can spritz the soil a couple of times to get them wet or use those ketchup-like bottles with a fine tip. Lastly, give them an ample amount of sunlight. They love plenty of light, so place them near a window or somewhere south. Despite these tiny plants loving the sunlight, you still have to protect them from direct sunlight.

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This is how you care for and grow succulents. But if you want to take the next step, check out how to propagate them so that you’ll have more plants than you could ever know what to do with!

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