How to Make Pressed Flowers in the Microwave

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[00:00:00.990] Hey, Megan here.

So my last video, I showed you how I was doing the experiment with silica gel, silica beads? and my birthday bouquet that my husband got.

And I had I had a bunch.

Of flowers left over that I needed to press to because I want to.

Make sure that they stay okay. It was

such a pretty bouquet. So I’m going to show you how I press flowers in the microwave. It saves so much time and is.

so much cheaper than one of those.

crazy kits that you have to buy on Amazon.

So let’s do it. So all you need to do this are two paper towels and something to press down. I am using a vintage Pyrex baking dish. Cinderella bowl, I guess it is? It’s not a Cinderella bowl. Sorry. So all we’re going to do is just put everything down. I’ve already cut these in the last video

This is a good first start. Let’s get this in, cover it, press

[00:01:42.630] down.

And into the microwave we go! Let me carefully put this here, set this on top. I don’t want to press down. I do want to make sure.

Sorry, guys, it’s actually a little too wide. So let’s try that. I want to make sure that all of the flowers have some pressure on them. Let’s try 30 seconds.

Oh, it smells like flowers. All right, so the consistency we’re looking for is flat and dry. Okay, so we’re not quite there yet. We still got a couple to go. So let’s do another 30 seconds. And this is just going to have to be trial and error for you. Now, normally it is not advisable to put vintage Pyrex dry in the microwave, but since there’s moisture in there, I’m hoping it will be okay.

If not, I’m sure people will tell me.

There we are. There you have it. So what I’m going to do now is see, the guy turned pretty brown, but that’s actually okay. That’ll work out. I’m not quite ready to use these yet.

That’s that would be really good if I have, like, a small rubber spatula or something to lift these up rather than my fingers. But I didn’t think of that until right now.

I’m going to put these in a book, a very apropos book, I think, while I’m waiting, can use them. There you have it. That is how I dry flowers, right in the microwave. So easy, so cheap. You can do it too.

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