How to Practice the Law of Attraction without Feeling Weird About It

How to Practice the Law of Attraction without Feeling Weird About It

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How to Practice the Law of Attraction without Feeling Weird About It

You know I’m a huge fan of the Law of Attraction and all it can do for us. But I completely understand the raised eyebrows from skeptics, because it sounds batshit crazy.

I was one of them! “Letting go” sounded, frankly, horrible. 

Letting go means there isn’t a plan, why wouldn’t I want a plan?! It doesn’t make any sense!

Oh, what a sweet summer child I was. 

When I decided to just give it a shot (because nothing I was doing was working anyway) it was like…puppies and rainbows daily. But let me be real here:

Did $1 million fall out of the sky into my lap? No.

Did 80lbs fall off of my body while I slept? No.

Did I stop hating myself and allowing a victim mentality to keep me from what I wanted? Hell yes!

Law of Attraction, or LOA, changed the way I look at the world. And consequently changed the opportunities I had access to in my life. I began to make more money, get more publicity, attract more customers, get better medical test results, move down dosage amounts of my antidepressants, and just really began to have an overall better life.

How to Practice the Law of Attraction without Feeling Weird About It

So let me break this down a little about how you can practice Law of Attraction even if you feel like you’d die of embarrassment if anyone knew:

1. Understand that LOA is a mindset shift, not a religion

You don’t need to become religious or give up your current religion to subscribe to LOA. I am what would most likely be considered an Agnostic (or maybe even “Atheist Lite”) and have no plans to take up any sort of religious belief structure. Yet I still practice allowing the Law of Attraction to work in my life. Because I understand it’s not about the Divine exactly, but rather about energy. I’ll get more into this in another post down the way because this could get really long. But suffice to say that if science understands that like attracts like, then the energy I put into the world attracts similar.

So if I have a shitty attitude, why would abundance and happiness show up? I have to put out into the world what I want to receive back. So if I put out positive energy and a mindset that anything I desire is achievable, guess what that is going to attract back to me? Pow, mindset shifted.

2. You have to give the Law of Attraction time

Most likely you’re reading this because you want to see a change in your life for the better. There’s something in your life that sucks, and you want it to not suck. So you’re looking for some options, right? Did you wake up with this sucky thing coming out of nowhere, or has it been a gradual increase that has become more intolerable the longer you go, and now you’re at a breaking point? LOA is the same thing: the changes you want won’t happen overnight. Because it’s got to fight its way through the shit you’ve already laid in its way.

The seeds of change don’t bloom right away. They’ve got to have the right conditions and the time needed to grow. A wildflower garden isn’t going to grow on concrete. You’ve got to break that shit up and move it out of the way before you plant your flower seeds. The same goes for LOA. It can work quickly, but only if you give it the space and pathway it needs. Otherwise it’s going to take a while to get through your baggage.

3. You have to believe in the unbelievable

Going back to the “this is not a religion” point, but there has to be some allowance for magical thinking in your life. Again, I am not religious. So I understand that you might be feeling a little incredulous. So let me explain what I mean: I see magical thinking as removing the “yeah but…” in your life. Steve and I have been talking about maybe moving to California in a few years, knowing that the cost of living is exponentially higher than it is in our little city here in the Finger Lakes. I went on Zillow to look around a few cities just to see what sort of money we’d need to buy a home in the ideal conditions we’d want to have (basically…Ojai).


$1 million would be a reasonable number if we wanted to pay cash again. Is that a lot of money to me? Fuck yes. Will it stop me from ever trying? Fuck no, I’m going to keep looking around Ojai and start pricing out doggy daycares for Jimmy Bagels! Here’s why: We’re coming up on 4 years of living in this house which was paid for in cash. 6 years ago when we were scraping by in our apartment in Brooklyn, I would’ve never believed that we’d ever have a home, much less own a home outright. Yet here I am. The unbelievable happens all the time! Let yourself have a little bit of imagination on the wildest things you could ever think would happen to you because it actually could happen!

I think allowing the Law of Attraction into your life boils down to putting cracks in the “hard and fast rules” we have as adults. Letting a little seed of imagination grow without reservation is all it takes to begin the cataclysmic shift to getting what you want in life.

Want a little help getting started? Download my “Manifest Your Destiny” playbook, which is choked full of manifestation affirmations, ideas, and even has a few celeb examples to getcha going.

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