Ideas for a Home Refresh in 2019

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Ideas for a Home Refresh

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT . All opinions are 100% mine.

With the holidays being a not-so-distant memory, I’ve been thinking about the ways I want my 2019 to go and how I can update my space for a fresh start…and of course, that includes fresh furniture (you know I can’t say no to a new sofa)..

When I get cabin fever, I try to do a little revamp of our rooms so that we can have a new perspective on our space, but buying new furniture every time feels like a whole thing, you know? I reached out to CORT about this dilemma because I know a lot of you are like me and aren’t ready to commit to full-on purchases without first giving it a test run, and CORT is all about this with their furniture rental services. They’ve helped me out before when I’ve had to revamp our guest room quickly, so I know they can deliver some suggestions and ideas for easy ways to refresh a home. Here are some key rules we’ve figured out:

Give Yourself Some Time to Plan It Out

Nothing is worse than a poorly planned space. I don’t know if you’re like me, but going into a room where I feel uncomfortable in weighs on me, and it feels draining, you know? If I’m planning a big project, I like to think about the space as a whole and give myself some time. And yes, totally need to look at inspiration picks (hello, I love you, Pinterest). For this project, I spent more time than I should have on CORT’s “Inspiration” blog to help get ideas for how I can better maximize my spaces and give me some new things to consider.

There are people who are far more talented than you or I who do this for a living. So ask for help planning out if you need it. You can utilize CORT’s Move-In-Ready service, which can help you plan out all the details and take away a ton of pressure on you to make it right.

Some Ideas for Pieces of Furniture You Can Update to Refresh a Home


Look, this sounds like the most intimidating thing…where are you going to fit another bed? Consider your floor space: is there a way to rearrange things? If not, and you’re rolling your eyes at me, consider ways to rethink your current furniture. What I like to do is swap out my stuff for chairs and couches that have hideaway beds. That way, I’m not adding to the insanity of my home but simplifying.

 Products I Loved:

Chelsey Sleeper Sofa

Ballard Sleeper Sofa with Chaise                                      

Clothing Storage

I love storage solutions that aren’t overwhelmingly large but can still get the job done!  

Products I love:        

Campton Chest

Clarence Media Chest

Tables and Chairs

I like to rent smaller solutions rather than a ginormous dining table, as it gives me the ability to be a little more flexible depending on your needs and how many dinner parties you want this year!

Products I Love:

Dorian Square Pub Table

Cassandra Dining Chair (I love chairs that can double for living and eating, you know?)

Long story short, this doesn’t have to be an insane project if you plan well. Give yourself time to prepare and embrace furniture rentals this year to make it 400% easier and cleaner!

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