Ideas we’re incorporating for our impending snow-in

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Welp, friends, winter has come in like a lion here in New York. Although Jimmy seems to be a fan:


You know, it’s just an inevitability that we’re going to get snowed in at least once between now and April, so I’ve been digging around (no pun intended…heyooo) trying to come up with ways to make sure our unexpected staycation will be as comfy as possible.

CORT Furniture Rental seems to have anticipated this joyous (?) upcoming event and sent me this really cute blog post to share with all of you: How to Winterize Your Home with Seasonal Decor. Check out their post for full details, but here are some of their suggestions I’m going to try:


  • Converting our fall decorations into winter. Pumpkin snowmen? Adorable. Also, we’ve got some vintage-y Halloween decor that is holding on by a thread, so I might take their suggestion and retool them a little to be more wintry.
  • Updating our home decor to work with the changing weather. Better known as all the blankets, all the time.
  • Winter decor-ing our bathroom. This point totally gets to me, as our upstairs bathroom has just been a huge failure in my eyes, especially since my plans involve way more than my abilities (or budget!) so I like the idea of just sprucing it up with a little festivities…maybe some lights and refractive decor to help brighten it up a smidge and make it feel less dungeony.

Check out the CORT blog for more ideas, as well as tips for updating your home for sudden events where rental furniture would be a big plus.

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