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Industrial Bedroom Style Guide

by Dannica
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A combination of simplicity and authenticity, the industrial bedroom embraces and exudes a calm and cool vibe. It’s edgy, non-conventional, and raw. If this sounds like your style, an industrial bedroom is right up your alley. If you want to incorporate industrial decor in your bedroom, keep reading, and we’ll help you transform your bedroom.

Defining the Industrial Style

Industrial interior design takes its style from old factories and industrial spaces that have been converted to lofts or other living spaces. Characterized by the use of exposed bricks, building systems, galvanized steels, repurposed furniture pieces, pipes, and weathered/raw woods. This interior design style became popular in the late 2000s and remains to be well-loved until now. It has been a favorite go-to interior decor because of its effortlessly chic cool vibe.

Style Guide: Industrial Bedroom

We have a couple of style tips that you can follow to create a stunning industrial bedroom, so if you are ready, pay close attention. Your masterpiece awaits!

Color Palette

When decorating an industrial bedroom, start with a neutral palette: gray, white, beige, and black. As you go about it, layer it with a few accents or pops of colors to add a bit of vibrancy in contrast with the neutral colors.

Wood & Metal

Without the wood and metal elements, you won’t have an industrial bedroom. They are non-negotiable, so to speak. With that said, make sure to highlight these two materials. Having a wooden pallet bed frame or a coffee table around would be a great idea. You can also use metal pipes as clothes rack or DIY a shelf using pipes/salvaged wood.

Side Table with Storage Shelf – $41.89
Rustic Industrial Pipe Brackets Floating Shelves – $58.99

Mix & Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture. Being able to combine different pieces is one of the advantages of industrial interior decor you can have a weathered wooden side table and a bed with metal pipe frames and not worry about it mismatching.

Light Society Celeste Tripod Floor Lamp – $65.14
Industrial and Rustic Style Accent Table – $80.09

Bare It All

Industrial design is all about the raw and unpolished look. If you have bare cement or a wall with exposed brick, show it off! The little flaws and scratches give your industrial bedroom character.

Accessorize Your Bedroom

Incorporate various wooden and metal pieces when adding decors or accessories to your room. If you want to furnish it with technology, outdated equipment is a must. Go with the record player instead of the high-definition sound system. If you’re just in it for style, you can also purchase old decorative pieces like an old telephone from flea markets.

Metal Marquee Letter – $16.50
Vinyl Stereo White Record Player – $59.99

Get Artsy

An industrial bedroom will not be complete without a piece or two of your favorite artworks. Hang your work of art or buy one from your favorite art store or local artists. Aside from paintings, old or vintage signage would be awesome.

Industrial Style Erasable Chalkboard, – $49.99
6-Piece Tin Signs – Vintage Style Metal Signs – $13.99
Metal Signs Arrow – $8.99

How do you style your industrial bedroom? Share it with us and let us know in the comments!

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