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Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas To Try

by Dannica
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Are you looking for inexpensive holiday decorating ideas to try this year? Here at The Beige House, we love finding new and budget-friendly ways to decorate your house, and since Christmas is just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to share some holiday decorating ideas that won’t break your budget. Speaking of economical and fun decor, you should check out our post about How To Make Homemade Advent Calendar. Now if you want to decorate your home this coming holiday without spending a ton of money, continue reading our post.

Holiday Decorating Ideas Prep

Decorating for the holidays is really fun and exciting. However, it can also cause stress and not to mention, expensive. This is why like all good projects, it takes careful planning; from your holiday theme decor, budget, down to the menu, everything has to be set. This way, it will take away some stress and inconvenience. With that said, it would be helpful to create a checklist so that you have a better overview of how your preparation is going.

Inexpensive Holiday Decorating Ideas To Try

If you have a limited budget for your holiday decor, then we have a treat for you! Here are some cheap and easy holiday decorating ideas you could try:

Redecorate Old Christmas Tree Ornaments

Every year, the trend for holiday trees changes, and Christmas ornaments in general. So some of your tree ornaments may look outdated. But if you’re trying to save up some cash, you don’t have to buy new Christmas tree decorations. Instead, redesign them. You can add glitters, repaint them, or whatever you can think of.

Precision Cut Wood Ornaments – $78
Precision Cut Wood Ornaments – Ball & Snowflake – $30

Turn Your Pillows Into Presents

If you have old or white pillowcases you’ve used for another season, turn them into Christmas presents. How? Temporarily sew ribbon across your pillow. For finishing touches, add a bow or rhinestone pin.

Christmas Throw Pillow – $27.99

Create Your Own Christmas Centerpiece

Another inexpensive holiday decorating idea you should try is creating your own centerpiece. For example, you can create a candy cane centerpiece. Simply put the candy cane together in a circle and put a festive flower like a poinsettia. You can even take a cake stand (use old Christmas tree ornaments to decorate it) and place candles on it.

Milk Glass Cake Stand – $39

Christmas Decor

Decorate your home with a little Christmas tree by using scrapbook paper and turning them into a tree. You can find the template here. It’s cheap, and you can even make it with your kids at home!

Stainless Steel Scissor – $1.09

Homemade Wreath

Add your personal touch by creating a handmade wreath. You can use a lot of items that are readily available in your home. Take a pool noodle foam, for example, wrap it in fabric or excess felt, and voila, you have a lovely wreath. Don’t forget to add your mistletoe!

Round Wired Wreath Frame – $22.8

Festive Memory Garland

Hang your photos in a Christmas garland – use an old garland or buy a cheap one. Use a small clip to hang your pictures and scrapbook accessories to decorate the garland. Your family or guest will surely love taking a trip down memory lane!

Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland – $70

I hope these inexpensive holiday decorating ideas helped you save a few bucks. Remember, it’s not important whether you have cheap or expensive decor, what matters is the essence of this Holiday – giving and loving.

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