Interior Design Tips for Beginners

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Being new in the Interior Design industry isn’t easy. You’ll need to learn its ins and outs and let your creative juices flow! Good thing you’ve found this article. Here are some basic tips to guide you in doing interior design on your own:

What does an Interior Designer do?

A professional interior designer mainly creates functional spaces and not just simply decorating the interior of a house or a room. They also study local laws/ codes to ensure that they are abreast and compliant when considering and planning the layout of the space, fixtures, and other things for your home or office.

Fool-proof Interior Design Tips for Beginners

If you want to do DIY interior design for your home but don’t have an academic or professional background, then you can simply follow these tips:

Know Your Space

Knowing the dimensions of the area helps avoid mistakes in getting the wrong size of the furniture, having no space left for the hallway due to the large area occupied by your indoor plant, or incorrect placement of your kitchen lighting.


Being aware of the dimensions of your interior space. Plan where you’re going to place the furniture. This helps you balance everything and lets you define your spatial configuration. It is also good to include cord management in your interior design. Finding a good area to place them ensures safety and convenience.

Select a Theme

Deciding on a theme would make it easy for you to subsequently plan a layout of your living or working space. As well as to pick the items you want to place.


Research and Visualize

You surely have experienced not being able to decide which items, colors, or themes to choose or prioritize. Because of this, you’d sometimes decide on putting everything in your space even if it doesn’t look good. You can avoid this problem by creating a mood board. There are a lot of sources to get inspiration from, such as magazines, interior decor shows, or the internet.

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Plan a design draft on your computer or do a physical mood board where you can cut and paste from printed materials onto cardboard, creating a collage of what struck you most. The collage tells you which direction you want to take for your interior design, including which colors you are most inclined to bring into your space.


Selecting the colors for your home or office isn’t all about aesthetics. It’s also about helping set the ambiance of your space. So it would be best to know how to choose the best color scheme for your home or office.

Interior Design Tips
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Lifestyle and Everyday Needs

Considering your spatial configuration is necessary. However, you should also take into consideration how each space should function according to your everyday living and lifestyle. Creating a space that suits your routine and personality would make you look forward to coming home at the end of a busy day or going to your office and seizing the day.

There’s more to know about interior designing, but these tips would be able to guide you to do it as a beginner.

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