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Hey, guys. Megan at Beige house here. It’s been a while, right? It has been. There’s been a lot going on and, you know, I’ll talk about on the blog.

But long story short, I just sort of needed a break. But not from you. You’re awesome. Just too much going on, too little time. I was diagnosed with ADHD, so that makes creating regular content particularly difficult.

So I apologize for being away so long. But I’m glad we get to be again together again. That’s the same old Megan. So today we are going to get back into unboxing plants because what else do I need in my life? Oh, aquariums too.

Plants and aquariums are my new home decor thing. I think it’s because I get to put a lot of multiple things into a tiny space, so it gives me an ability to hoard in a way without terrifying my husband too much. So today we are going to be unboxing JM Bamboo. Their mystery box terrarium plants. If you’ve seen my old videos, you know that I have bought this maybe four or five times and JM Bamboo on available on Amazon.

I’ll put a link in there. They’ve always been really great to work with whenever I had plans that really haven’t made it. Soon after unboxing, not like three years later. But if I’ve had one that kind of looked not great, they’ve always been really good with refunding me or sending me a new one, usually sending me a new one, which I can always use more plants. Right?

So we are unboxing a new JM Bamboo order. This one is actually a smaller order than what I usually get because this one is actually for a terrarium that will be housing vampire crabs that I’m super excited about. And I will unbox those in my next video so you can see them because I did have to have them shipped. Okay, they’re sitting over here. So we’re going to unbox this first, look at the plants, and then my next video, I’ll show you my vampire crabs.

First off. So I’m going to move my coffee. My table is not the sturdiest. I don’t need coffee on the plants or the crabs. So let’s get to it.

And this came Via UPS. So it took about five days, I think maybe five, six days.

I’m going to do a close up so you can see it comes in a styrofoam mishmash and said, don’t spill my styrofoam all over the place. Just slowly, gently take out the packing peanuts. How have you been? It has been a while, right?

All right, here’s the first one. It looks like we have some ivy, maybe English ivy for all the plants that I have. I’m very terrible with names, but yeah, I can’t remember how many I ordered. I know I didn’t get the full size deluxe order because this is, like I said, actually for a purpose, not for just my typical plant hoarding.

So I think I got the five maybe order. We’ll see how many have the next one.

But it looks like it’s really in good condition. See how long it is.

Do you think styrofoam packing peanuts are good for plants? Leave a comment. Let me know what you think. I guess maybe they won’t degrade with water hitting them, but just all the environmental stuff going on, we’re not supposed to use them anymore. I don’t know.

I just work here. Oh, yes. One of my favorite plants, Parlor Palm.

They usually send me one of these in every order. I have had such luck with these palms. They are so hardy and sturdy and they’re just awesome.

I forgot that they would send me these and I still have some alive. I have four or five of them that are alive and I just get happy whenever I see them because they’re good dudes. They have around. Next one is this the problem with JM bamboo is that they don’t tell you what the plants are. So you have to kind of do some research on Google.

But I think this might be Kalanchoe maybe. Do you think?

That’s probably not right. It’s really pretty, though. It’s got a little bit of a dead leaves that will get to get trimmed off.

Next up, this poor guy won’t stand so I’ll put him on his side for a little bit. So I got more ivy.

This one. Come on, big guy.

What is his name? I know you know this name because I know it too. I can’t remember what it’s called.

Can you still see me? All right, next.

This is beautiful. I’ll zoom in on it so you can see the pretty red on it.

This will be perfect for my vampire crabs. And when I publish this, I will put all of the names as well as I can figure out what they are. So hopefully that can help you too.

These guys too. They are so hardy. I have three of them still around and just I’m going to zoom in on this so you can see, but look at how deep the color of the leaves are. These are such healthy guys that I get.

[00:07:22.150] It’s really nice.

Some of them will have a couple of nicks here and there, but that’s shipping and no plant is going to be perfect. But there’s gorgeous.

[00:07:50.170] There’s more.

Oh, my God. This has to be a succulent. Just by the way it’s so shiny. Look at this. You can just see there’s hints of red in it.

I think that’ll really be beautiful in the paludarium if you prefer. It’s also tall. I’m like getting lost. I think this is my last one. It looks like spider plant? Truth be told

I’m not very good with spider plants. They’re always listedone as of the easiest ones to keep alive and I can’t ever keep them alive. So we’ll try again and hope that I can make it happen this time.

But again, they are arriving in really good shape. They’re really green. And so there you have it. There is my order from JM Bamboo. Let me just double check.

And that’s it. So I’m going to get these guys out of their little carrying or their little travel wear and get them into the terrarium. The ones that don’t end up in the Triumph are going to end up in pots, of course, and furthering, the horrible green overtaking of my house. Not horrible. I like it.

I think my husband just kind of tolerates it, but whaddyagonnado. All right, I’ll see you guys next week with my unboxing of my vampire crabs and other fun little goodies from aquatic arts. See you then. Bye.

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