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Keep Your Food Fresh With These 7 Tips

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Everyone wants the best for their family, especially when it comes to food. However, not every one of us has the luxury to go to the grocery store to buy food every day to ensure freshness and quality. Most of us allot a specific day to go shopping for food, and once you’ve got your produce, you want to keep it fresh for a long time or at least until its best-by date, but how do you keep your food fresh and prevent them from going bad? You’re in luck, we’ve got some tips to help you.

Why Food Goes Bad

Some of the factors that affect food spoilage include microorganisms, enzymes, surrounding, temperature, insects, and of course, time. There are some elements that you can’t control, but you can take some actions that can prolong and keep your food fresh. One of them is by knowing how to correctly or where to store them. So if you’re ready to learn some hacks (speaking of hacks, make sure to check out our home cleaning hacks.) that will keep your food fresh and last longer, keep reading.

Keep Your Food Fresh With These 7 Tips

Here are some hacks that’ll keep your food fresh for days or at least until their best-by date:



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This is definitely one of everyone’s favorite fruit, if you’ve bought an unripened banana, store them at room temperature. And once their ripe, you can store them in the refrigerator to stop further ripening. Meanwhile, if you’ve left your bananas in your kitchen and they’re over-ripened, you can freeze them and use them for your banana bread.



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Keep your bread on the counter or in a breadbox. If you want to keep them longer, you can keep them in your refrigerator and reheat them once you’re going to eat them. Alternatively, you can also place them in your microwave. If your bread becomes stale, you can make a crouton out of it and use it in your salad.


If possible, buy milk in a glass bottle. They last longer, taste better, and can also be reused. Unlike buying milk in a plastic or a pack, milk in glass bottles simply tastes better since the flavor is unaltered as it is in plastic jugs or cartons.

food Fresh
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Don’t take out your eggs in their original packaging. Instead of putting them in your fridge’s egg compartment at the side of the door, put them in one of your fridge’s regular food storage. These will keep your eggs fresh.

Separate Fruits and Veggies

According to The Kitchn, it’s crucial to store fruits and veggies separately. Fruits that give off high levels of ethylene (the ripening agent) can prematurely ripen and spoil surrounding vegetables. (Think of the “one bad apple” adage.)

Leafy Greens

To extend the life of your leafy greens, put them in a plastic container lined with paper towels. This will absorb extra moisture and the same time, keeps it from getting crushed. Just make sure to keep the lid tightly closed.

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Butter typically lasts a long time. Just keep them in their packaging and put them inside the refrigerator. With that said, make sure to use dry utensils to cut them when you’re going to use them.

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These are some ways on how to keep your food fresh. How do you store your food? Leave your tip below!

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