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Manifestation Destiny: How to Take Our Inherent Bullheaded Determination to Create Whatever You Want

by megan
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Manifestation Destiny

I love the PR campaign behind Manifest Destiny. If you’re unaware, “Manifest Destiny” was the belief headed by the US Government that Americans had an inalienable right to move our society westward, all the way to California.

It even had gorgeous propaganda:

Manifest Destiny

Manifestation Destiny: How to Take Our Inherent Bullheaded Determination to Create Whatever You Want

There were some serious flaws in this philosophy (like…the complete disregard for Native Americans who already lived on this land), but the basic principle fascinates me; we as people have this exceptional destiny to have whatever we want, because we know it’s ours already.

Again, the practice of Manifest Destiny was (I mean, is there even an appropriate word here?) seriously flawed, but the bullheaded determination is something I want to extract from it to show you how manifestation can get you whatever you want.

Dare I say…almost like it’s your destiny? Boom!

So let’s rework it into…Manifestation Destiny.

Now let’s talk about how to get what you desire.

I’ve talked before about manifestation and how it can be used to create the realization of any goal you have, so if you want more tips then definitely read this article. 

This time, though, I want to talk about how to cultivate the almost annoying level of confidence you’ll need to manifest things faster.

Basically, it makes me think of Teddy Roosevelt and his unwavering determination to accomplish whatever he wanted. He had such a tunnel vision for his goals that he rarely wavered. But for the most part got what he wanted (sometimes to his detriment). To me, he is the personification of the eternal optimist with a focus that is just awe-inspiring.

To manifest whatever you want, you first need to believe a few things:

  1. What you want is already there
  2. It is waiting for you to find the path to it
  3. Your mind knows the way to it
  4. You need to let your mind do its thing and guide you there
  5. The more shit you put in the way, the longer the path is going to take

What would happen if you let yourself open up and truly believe that the thing you desire most in life is already here?

Your ideal body, your perfect relationship, the Scrooge McDuckian levels of income, it’s already here and waiting for you to find it.

What would it mean to realize that the thing that’s blocking you from receiving it is…you?

Would it be unreasonable to think that you haven’t given the desire to accomplish this goal the true confidence it needs to manifest? Has your belief that you’ll achieve this always had a little asterisk next to it (some restrictions may apply)?

What would it hurt to flick that asterisk off and just fucking go for it?

If what you’ve been doing before hasn’t given you what you want, then why wouldn’t you try something new? What if “something new” meant believing wholeheartedly that you are destined to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish and nothing can stop you?

Could you do it? Could you believe in yourself completely and utterly? 

If yes, then start setting up the path to get what you desire.

If no, then why would you ever achieve this goal? And if you cannot believe you’re destined to receive it, why would you waste time dreaming about it? Live the life you’re content with having and stop frustrating yourself with self-sabotage.

Today is affected by yesterday and tomorrow is the fruition of what you’ve done today. So I challenge you to plant the seed today with full confidence that you are now laying the groundwork to achieve your goal. So that tomorrow will stack on top of it, and the day after that will stack on top of tomorrow, and so on.

What have you got to lose to just try? Manifest the shit out of your destiny!

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