What is Mid Century Modern decor?

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Break out the martini shaker and the 10 lbs of undergarments, we’re breaking down Mid Century Modern decor.

What it is:

Mad Men. A throwback to the 1950’s and 60’s contemporary styles, this home decor style is all about infusing the hip swinging yesteryears with a little bit of contemporary flare. Clean lines, shag carpeting, and bright colors help make this unique style a thing of beauty.

Color Palettes:

While you may gasp at what I’m about to list as color palette, it’s up to you how intense you want to go with it. Maybe these are more for your accent pieces, or maybe you really need an orange room. Either way, go baby, go.


Key Features:

Fun, full of character, and nostalgic. Mid Century Modern is all about winking at a bygone era and having fun with your decor.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Mid Century Modern decor can veer into kitschy if overdone, so remember to keep out the clutter when it comes to patterns or mixing colors. The best mixes of modern decor and contemporary decor are done with muted base colors and bright accent pieces.

Tools You’ll Need for Mid Century Modern Decor DIY Projects:

  • Gloss Paint – Mid Century Modern decor is all about luxe and clean lines, so make sure to lacquer the crap out of everything
  • Miter saws – If you’re going to build your own furniture or remodel a thrift store find, a basic miter saw is your best bet for getting started. Later on you can upgrade to a compound miter saw, which is AMAZING.
  • Staple Gun – if you plan to reupholster thrift store finds

A Few Favorite Mid Century Modern Decor Examples:

Design Sponge
Pascal Series Plastic Mid-Century Modern Shell Chair – $123
Poppy Talk
Valencia Floor Lamp Floor Lamp – $385
Saxe Candle Holder Steel & Aluminium – $86
Charles and Hudson
WALNUT Wooden Arm Chair – $254.99

Get Started with These Mid Century Modern Decor Accessories:

Jet Accent Chair $988
Carson Sofa $1588

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