Mindfulness Techniques for a Crazy World

Mindfulness Techniques for a Crazy World

by megan
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One of the things I’ve found incredibly hard to do is be mindful throughout my day. I think I’d be considered a daydreamer, or at the very least, someone who is constantly in her own head working things out. 

Consequently, I have had a lot of therapy to work out the anxiety caused by this way of life. So now I try to be mindful, but it’s not easy so I feel you if you’re reading this looking for answers. 

Mindfulness is simply the act of being present in the moment. Walking the dog and appreciating that moment, instead of turning over the things you need to get done today. It’s about being able to sit with yourself and be quiet, instead of wondering how long before you’re allowed to look at your phone.

That’s a tough habit to create, right? How can you shut the fuck up and let yourself breathe without some sorta distraction?

Mindfulness Techniques for a Crazy World

Here’s what I’ve found to be helpful:

Start small

Can you intentionally sit down in a quiet space and be present for 10 minutes? How about 5? What about 1 minute? Habits are marathons, not sprints, so we create the routine and build from there. Start with 1 minute a day, then once that becomes a routine, add a few more minutes.

Remember there are no rules to this

There’s no “have to” requirements for mindfulness, it’s whatever feels comfortable to you. You don’t need, like, “mindful clothing” or have to become vegan, or move into the woods, or do this 5 hours a day. It’s about practicing gratitude in the moment, any moment, that feels good for you. 

Catch yourself drifting

I do this a lot when I’m walking Jimmy Bagels because it’s so easy to drift off from the moment and think about what I need to do when we get back home, or what I’m going to eat for lunch. So when I find myself wandering (mentally), I pick something in the scenery to bring me back. We have incredibly gorgeous summer skies here in Rochester, so I’ll look up at the clouds and appreciate how beautifully blue the sky looks, or how the clouds look like they were drawn by a kid who loves to make them puffy. 

Set reminders

A simple alarm or reminder the same time every day can keep you accountable towards cultivating a growth mindset which comes from mindfulness. I have a ridiculous number of alarms on my phone for different things, and my “mindful” alarm is one of them. It goes off at 8pm EST if you’re curious because that is when my day has officially wound down and I can celebrate all of the cool shit I did that day.

Mindfulness Techniques for a Crazy World

Remember to take it slowly and give yourself some grace. Mindfulness is all about being better to yourself, so don’t let a slip up stop you from continuing to grow!

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