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Modern Country Decor Must Haves

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A traditional country house decor radiates warmth and comfort – a nice aged snug couch, fresh flowers, and exquisite crown molding. Nowadays, country is still popular and a go-to design option for people who love shabby chic but find it a bit too rustic. So whether you’re just updating your home from “traditional” to “modern” country, we’ve compiled some of the best things/designs that you should totally have!

Modern Country: Color Palette

Traditional country primary color palettes are white, beige, and more beige. The predominant color here is white, with pops of color in the accessories. For modern country aesthetics, they’ve added a few colors like grey, red, and yellow. Despite some of the colors being bold, the shades used in the modern country are very subtle and serve as an accent color. Exposed elements like bricks are also accepted in this interior decor style.

Modern Country Decor Must-Haves

Here are some accessories and tips that can help you achieve your dream modern country-style decor in your own home:

Introduce Patterns

Gone are the days when “country” meant having to be plain or boring. Introduce patterns – floral, botanical, geometric; such as filigree on tiles, chevron, or even a mural. This will give your modern country home a sense of freshness and newness.

Rose Printed White Bedding Sets – $58.99

Printed Decorative Sofa Throw Pillows Cases – $18.99

Don’t Be Afraid of Textures

Natural textures are key elements of a modern country. Whether it’s aged wood, rough bricks, or uneven walls, these imperfections give your home a character, a sense of warmth, and visual interest. You can also add some linens, wool, or faux furs for extra character.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket – $27.96

Distressed Wood Hanging Swing Rope Floating Shelves – $25.99

Reclaimed Pieces

Having a modern version of the traditional country design doesn’t mean you have to furnish your home with modern pieces. Instead, create a balance of old and new. Decorate or accent your home with reclaimed items. Old pots and wood from aged or broken furniture are useful accessories to decorate your interior. Recycling or upcycling things is also a cool way to showcase country decor – it’s unique and also can be a fun project. 

Coffee Table Antique Cocktail Table – $163.88


When you’re choosing furniture for a modern country home, try to look for pieces with traditional structure but with crisp silhouettes and maybe a touch of metal. You can also repaint old pieces of furniture and add some metal embellishments. To get the best of both worlds, mix old and new pieces.

Rustic Wood and Metal Bookcase – $169.99

Modern Country Decorblank
Country Style Metal wall clock – $34.99

Pop of Green

Since this design uses a lot of subtle and muted colors, you can add a pop color by adding some greens. Maybe a fresh wreath or an indoor potted plant, if that is too high maintenance for you, try succulents or fake plants. A botanical accent wall is also an option to add a pop of freshness to your home.

Modern Country Decorblank
Olive Wreath – $33.99

Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree – $70.54

Modern country is a charming alternative to traditional country, it has it’s “rustic/shabby” vibe while still having the modern feel. What’s your favorite element of this interior decor? Can’t get enough of country decor? Check out our post Easy Country Decorating Ideas or What Is French Country.

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