Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

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Is cooking your passion? Do you spend most of your time in your kitchen? Then it must be well-organized and tidy. Over time, your favorite space will also need a little makeover or perhaps an overhaul. But one thing we do know is that reinventing your cooking space to a modern French country-style kitchen is perhaps one of the most exciting transformations your home can undergo or even consider styling your new home with.

Easy Modern French Country Kitchen Ideas

Today, our inspirations to achieve your modern French country-designed kitchen will mostly focus on lights, paints, windows, stoves, range hoods, sinks, and some accents. We will do away with the collectible ceramic rooster plates and toile curtains to achieve a modern look.

How To Achieve The Modern French Country Kitchen Look

Can’t wait to revamp your kitchen? Let’s get started!

Natural light is one of the elements a French country-inspired space should have. Additionally, one wouldn’t contest how good lighting would contribute to a conducive environment when preparing food. During daylight, it is best to let those rays of natural light come in through your kitchen window. Have two or three windows around your cooking space or one tall window over your apron sink. Accent your windows by placing ornamental plants arranged in French country flower pots or in ceramic geometric pots in white and bronze color.


In case you already have one or two pendant lights hanging over your countertops to serve as your task lights, we still recommend adding a few recessed square or circle lights strategically placed around your kitchen to generally illuminate your kitchen, especially in the evening. Recessed lights can also be installed near or over the stove to produce direct lighting for the food you are cooking. Isn’t it nice to see the great color of your Bouillabaisse under a good light?   


While most French Country kitchens are painted in white, adding a few colors such as muted green, gray, taupe color palette or coordinated neutral colors for your backsplash, table, stools, or even your floor tiles will create a relaxed atmosphere when preparing meals, especially on a busy occasion.


Feel more comfortable slicing your vegetables on your buffet or countertops while sitting on a cushioned stool. Sitting on a soft chair when you feel tired prepping your ingredients reduces exhaustion.

Did we mention doing away with your collectible ceramic rooster plates? Yes, if you have put in a lot of French country accents and colors, we suggest replacing them with white dinnerware and placing them in open cupboards for a modern look. Porcelains are durable types of dinnerware, and some are even microwavable. Try adding this type of dinnerware as it can be used both on formal or casual occasions.


Purchasing appliances such as your stove can play a big part in successfully executing your modern French country kitchen goal. Stainless steel or stainless finished appliances, including refrigerators, microwave ovens, and dishwashers or dishwasher drawers, are good choices to create a modern vibe of a French country kitchen. Its glossy appearance works well with French country colors and creates a modern look. Additionally, you may choose to opt for a stainless steel range hood or a white painted scalloped edged one.


Never lose focus on achieving the style you want. Always check the basic elements. A relaxed, more organized, elegant and contemporary setting is what you should aim for your modern French country kitchen.   

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