Modern French Style Living Ideas

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French interior is probably one of the most elegant and chicest interior designs. It is effortless, yet it still looks very stylish. And, if you’ve been a regular reader of our blog, you’ve probably seen our French interior design ideas. We talked about How To Achieve A French Provincial Look On A Budget and 7 French Provincial Designs That Will Inspire You, which we really love. Now, we’re going to treat you with another design – a modern French style.

What Is Modern French Style?

Modern French style is really no different from the traditional style, just with a slight twist. According to Seasons in Color, “Not to be mixed with the French country style we’ve grown to love over the years, this style is meant for ‘grand apartments,’ which is the epitome of chic. Imagine a capsule wardrobe, capsule kitchen, and bath, capsule everything because there’s barely anything in sight other than epic art on display and ceilings that seem to go on forever. It is indeed minimalist, but you can imagine these apartments being filled with guests and entertaining the way the French know how.

Modern French Style Living Ideas

Are you ready to get a taste of France and the “Je ne Sais Quoi” mentality? Here are some creme-de-la-creme modern French-style living ideas you need to try:

Less Is More

Just like a lot of chic interior designs, the modern French style embraces minimalism. When you are designing a modern French room, stick with the basics. Keep your furniture to a minimum to maintain a free and neat space.

Modern French Style
Geo Coffee Table – $276

Keep Your Walls White

French apartments used to be dark unless they were on the top floor, so to compensate for the lack of natural light, the French painted their walls white or off-white and maximized what natural light they had. If you ever want a splash of color, you can always hang a painting or create a small accent wall that complements the color scheme of the room.

Old Meets New

Mix old French interior design/country style with Modern French style living ideas. Pick up cool stuff from a flea market or refurbish old French-style furniture and blend it with new furniture pieces. Use these pieces to draw attention and create a focal point. It can be an oversized art piece or unique French decor.

Art Horse – $110
Media Cabinet with Louvered Windows – $1049.98

Time to Shine

Modern French style, despite being minimalist, doesn’t mean looking cheap or plain. It is about extravagance and luxury. It is about investing in quality pieces instead of buying a bunch of less inexpensive items, so when you buy furniture, pick quality pieces.

Bailey Mirror – $258

Add A Rug

A lot of French homes have a rug as a focal point or centerpiece in their space. It offers functionality as well as beauty. Choose a bright or neutral-colored rug depending on the tone of your room.

Dolphy Area Rug – $348

Quality over quantity, minimalism, luxury and blending styles. This is what modern French style living idea is all about. Did you enjoy this post? Let us know what you want to see next.

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