Modern Victorian Living Room Decor

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“Go big or go home.” This is probably a fitting description of the Modern Victorian decor as it is all about extravagance and fine living, and what better way to show off this luxurious style than your living room? If you’re ready to bring the nostalgic charm of Victorian decor with a modern twist, continue reading.

What is Modern Victorian Decor?

The Modern Victorian decor trend is basically a spin-off of the classic Victorian-style decor. It is a fresh, new, and updated take on the classic decor. Victorian, a style named after Queen Victoria I, pays homage to the 1800s decorating style. This particular interior design is considered the big sister of Shabby Chic and French Country with cherubic embellishments, plush textures for furniture, drapes, carpeting, and dark, heavy woods.

Modern Victorian Living Room Decor Tips

Recreate the fabulous Victorian decor in a fresh and relevant way with these Modern Victorian living room decorating tips:


If you are looking for an accent piece, a chandelier is a perfect choice for a modern Victorian living room. It’s a timeless piece and can instantly make your living room look luxurious. So if you are splurging on furniture, splurge on a high-quality chandelier.

Light Black Chandelier – $169


In Victorian design, a mirror is one of the key decors. If you can, choose a mirror with an intricate and detailed weather golden frame – the bigger, the better. You can also upcycle old vintage mirrors from a flea market or your grandma’s house. All you need is gold spray paint, painter’s tape, spray primer, and sandpaper.

Sherwood Mirror – $91.48


Stay cozy and fabulous with modern Victorian sofas. If you already have an old Victorian sofa, you can just simply re-upholster them to save a few bucks. Velvet fabrics with fringing, tufting, gathering, or pleating on the furniture are the prime options for this style.

Leather Scroll Arm Chesterfield Sofa – $969.90


Incorporate texture into your living room by adding a faux fur carpet. If you want to add some sort of print, then you can select a carpet with Victorian prints. Meanwhile, if you already have enough Victorian furniture and want to balance it out, you can pick a solid-colored carpet, this will give your living room a modern look.

Living Dinning Room Bedroom Rugs – $189.00


As for decorations, you can use vintage plates or old books. Bust sculptures also add appeal to your living room. For a modern look, pick sculptures with stylish glossy colors or encase them inside a glass box with gold linings – this will also make your decorations look cohesive if you have a few curated pieces to show off.

Design Toscano Antique Phone – $144.29

Flora and Fauna

To complete the look of your modern Victorian living room, add some flowers or some kind of plants in your space. This will bring the style together and will make the room feel more natural and cozy.

Ins Style Vase with Artificial Flower – $26.99

What do you think about this trend? Do you like the updated look of this decor, or do you prefer the traditional Victorian decor?

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