Are you looking to bring an exotic yet rich and elegant vibe to your bedroom? Moroccan style is perfect for people who love heritage and aesthetics. If you want this exquisite style in your own home, how about the best Moroccan style bedroom furniture? Read on to get the inspiration that you need.

What is Moroccan Style?

The Art of Bespoke noted that “A Moroccan interior should have a sense of the history and cultural traditions as well as the motifs, shapes, and designs of the beautiful country. Intricate carvings, arched doorways, and colorful fabrics are plentiful in Moroccan homes, and they are features that can be easily introduced into a contemporary interior anywhere in the world.” Moroccan style is basically about fine pieces of furniture and fine details.

Moroccan Style Bedroom Furniture

Decorating your bedroom with Moroccan style furniture is pretty easy. Here’s how you can incorporate Moroccan style bedroom furniture without spending tons of money:


Make Use of Fabrics

Moroccans are known for their love fabrics. Because Morocco is a composite of many different style and heritage, it is expressed through their art, and one of their most notable art forms is trough fabrics. Add a touch of it to your bedroom by placing loosely draped fabrics on your wall or the foster of your bed pillars.


Patterns are, other than fabrics one of the most significant elements of Moroccan style. The best thing is Moroccan patterns are very diverse, sophisticated yet still very elegant. You can use these patterns on your pillows, beddings and even pieces of furniture.

Rugs and Carpets

Add more impact to your bedroom by placing finely detailed rugs. Depending on your taste, you can go for modern or classic Moroccan rugs/carpets. Either of the two you choose, this will add a more genuine touch.


Attention to detail and love for finely crafted pieces is what Moroccan style is all about. When choosing a bed, try to pick that has that “Moroccan” feel. It could be a bed with a specially shaped or etched headboard.


Use lights to highlight your bedroom. Choose a hanging or incorporate lamps that have an Arabian look. Other than solely using it as a light source, you can also take advantage of the design of the lamps and use it as decor as well.

Bedside Table

Choices for Moroccan bedside table is endless. You can buy from a store – wood or metal like brass or, much better if you can scour vintage shops or flea markets. Why? Because they may be less expensive and they’re already aged and has more character.
Moroccan Style Bedroom Moroccan Style Bedroom


If you’re redesigning and changing things up, a Moroccan bedroom is really worthy. It’s mesmerizing and will take you to a different place. What interior design would you like to see next?