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Oh, Amazon. You are the giver of impulsive ideas and the taker of credit card limits. As you well know, Amazon can be the best and worst thing to happen to your budget, especially if you’re prone to Shiny Object Syndrome

This has been the case for me since getting into aquariums, though at least my hobby now involves keeping things alive instead of hoarding massive amounts of yarn, books, vintage decor, you name it.

Amazon has a ridiculous amount of goodies for aquariums, including live pets if you’re so inclined! However, I wanted to skip that part (as YMMV when it comes to getting things delivered alive…and it’s typically best to just go to the breeder’s website instead for better deals. Looking at you, Aquatic Arts shipping rates!) and instead show you the best aquarium purchases I’ve found on Amazon and my recommendations. Let’s dive in! (Get it? I am so sorry)

One of my bettas, Marmalade

My favorite aquarium-related purchases on Amazon

Purchases I’d Skip

And, of course, the bad buys on Amazon + what I’d recommend instead.

Tips for buying aquarium supplies on Amazon

The Sunset Platys that have birthed way too many babies. (Seriously, stop it)

Head to the Outlet or Warehouse Deals – So many things end up getting returned on Amazon that are in great condition. Just be sure to sterilize them first if they’re going in your tank.

Don’t buy small heaters or gravel/sand there – I’ve always found cheaper options at in-person stores like PetCo or Petsmart.

Get chemicals in bulk – I’ll typically find the best prices for Prime and my plant fertilizer there in bulk sizes.

Stay away from the plastic decor bundles – I’ve read reviews of so many people seeing their fish get hurt on the sharp edges. It’s just not worth it.

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