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Hey, guys, Megan here. Thank you for joining me. Still in my office while I wait for my mics to come back from repair. And I didn’t want to wait on this because it is so cool and I’m so excited to show it to you.

Pinterest released a new beta program called Pinterest Trends, which gives insight for business accounts into the different data they have on what’s coming up, what’s trending, and also what isn’t trending anymore. And I think it’s a really good thing for freelancers, bloggers and marketers to understand. So I’m going to give you a quick overview, quickish, on how it works and the different things we’re going to see. Plus I’ve got something super cool that I found out through it. So let’s dive in.

So Pinterest is currently in beta mode for this Pinterest Trends, but we got early access. I’m going to show you all the different parts of it.

So here you pick your region and currently there’s 19 regions available, which I think is interesting, especially for freelancers or bloggers or marketers who are trying to see different regions, especially when it comes to holidays and things like that. I think this is going to be a really interesting section to pay attention to. And now the strategy. Now I am currently on my account for the Beige House, which is my lifestyle blog, but it’s mostly plant obsessions and things like that. However, a lot of my old content was really centered around DIY and home decor and things like that.

So that’s why I think we’re going to get some different things than you would think if this was an account about social media marketing or freelancing or things like that. So the strategy shows you all of the different things that people are searching for in addition to different types of trends. And you can read this is all about the last 90 days. But what I think is so interesting is… So here we have what they consider to be the top right now and fun little chart because you know, I love the charts, the weekly change, monthly change. So you see it’s down 10% from last week, but it’s up 90% from September and it’s up 20% fall outfits from 2021, which is so interesting.

Now, what I love about this is that these are all modifiable, if that makes sense. If I want to see what is trending in October hardcore, then I can just hit this and see that. Pumpkin painting ideas 2500% If I got some blog content out there, or even more importantly, if I had some already available that I wanted to boost, now would be the time I would most likely get a huge boost in views from what I usually have. So that’s why it’s always really essential, in my opinion, for bloggers and freelancers to have an editorial calendar where you start feeding in content ahead of when people are going to need it. The yearly change is also an interesting thing because to me, that gives you an idea.

If you can look at it from a big picture of where people are going in terms of search results, queries, and where you can start finding I was going to say unfulfilled holes, but that sounds really bad. This is not that kind of video unrealized potential, let’s say that. So chocolate glazed donut nails. I’m not that person who creates content like that. But if I was looking for a new blog topic or Instagram content, YouTube videos, things like that… that’s why I love Pinterest.

Pinterest is such a great resource for this kind of stuff because not only do they show you the things that are trending on Pinterest, but it gives you an idea to what you could really kind of get going on different platforms. Now there’s also the way that you can filter this through monthly trends, yearly trends, seasonal trends. So let’s look at top yearly trends. Now you see Spring Nails 2022. I’m currently filming this in October of 2022.

So that doesn’t help me right now. But it does give me an interesting idea for creating content about Spring Nails shortly. I know that people are really getting into gift guides and things like that for this time of year, but if I can play the long game and start thinking ahead, the sooner I get Spring Nail ideas for 2023. I think if I was writing that kind of content, I think I would be able to see some really good growth because Google would start seeding it in, start adding pins to Pinterest and Pinterest stories and all of those things. Get that all going.

I think that might be a really interesting topic that would get me some good views on my blog. But if you’re not a nail person or you don’t really want to do seasonal easy lunchbox ideas, I think would be really helpful too. The weekly and the monthly change are down. I think probably because it’s back to school already. Like, it’s already in school.

They don’t need easy lunchbox videos. I would probably guess that people are searching that before the school season starts, but I can’t say that for sure. Now there’s also the option to go into the calendar and see if you want to check. I don’t know. Let’s say you want to do the week of 4 July and you can see through all of these different categories.

There are all options to start looking to see what was so good the past 90 days that ended the week of 4 July. So let’s say you were a blogger who wanted to create Independence Day content. How can you start feeding that? What can you start feeding that with? Well, I see that.

Summer nails 2022 coffin. It probably doesn’t work, but if you go back to weekly change, you can see that 4 July desserts boom. Like, look at the graph. Crazy.

Let’s see if we can open the graph. Oh, we can. I love a good graph. Look at this 4 July results weekend.

2021, 2022. So what that tells me is if I can start getting my content out for 4 July desserts about 90 days ahead, that gives Google, Bing, DuckDuck, Go, all the search engines time to read the content and start feeding it into their search results. It gives me time to get pins out there, get Instagram reels, YouTube videos, all those things. Because the week that ends May 15, that’s when it starts to take off. And look at that, it just goes so you get a couple boom, boom, boom, boom, 93.

And as opposed to less than one. I mean, come on. That’s incredible. Now, what I also like is that you can filter by different interests. So let’s go down to there’s no marketing.

Let’s go to home decor. Maybe we can find some house plants in there.

I’m going to filter to the latest date possible. So my dream house, outdoor Witch, Halloween, a lot of different Halloween based things. And so, yeah, you kind of get it. But look at this one specifically whimsagothic home. I love the portmanteau.

So well done, whoever coined that. So we’ve changed great monthly change, 200% usually changed 10,000+ percent increase from 2021. That tells me this is a new trend term that’s happening and people are into it. So if I can ride to that trend and start getting into that, like, weekly change, up 10%, monthly change, 200%. So what that would tell me is I’m probably too late to do any kind of blog post

or things about it, but I could probably do a YouTube video or an Instagram Reel or Tik tok video.

Could probably get that going and get some good traction on it. Because 10,000%, why not give it a shot, you know what I mean? The same thing comes with keywords. So if I want to do let’s do marketing, let’s see what comes up. Scentsy marketing.

So nothing’s really happening right now, but I bet if I went to actually in growing trends, I bet if I went to yearly trends, I might be able to see something a little bit better. There we go. Yeah, So, let’s see what’s up from last year promotional items marketing down currently, but it still has a 100% growth from 2021, which tells me that this might be a good piece of longform content, a little piece of evergreen where it’s not really seasonal. It’s not going to give me a big boost right now, but longterm people seem to be searching for it more.

And so that may be good for me if I was creating content about promotional items marketing. So like swag bags and stuff like that. Spray tan marketing. Let’s see if there’s anything good in here. Looks like 100% is probably the best I’m going to do.

Let’s see if there’s any big monthly ones? No? Okay, let’s try social media 400%. Social media break posts. That is an interesting search term, isn’t it?

Now, what I think that means is that people are taking breaks on social media, and they need to figure out what to tell their followers. That’s a very interesting data point to see, because it looks like weekly change down, monthly change is a little bit up, so maybe people are getting ready for holiday season and stuff and taking a break. Yearly changed 400%. What that could mean is that people are starting to get burned out on social media, myself included. I have a whole video about why I got off social media, but isn’t that interesting?

Thank you. Pinterest Trends. You’re given us some little insights that we didn’t realize we were going to get. Now, you can also filter these by demographics, so if you want to do age, this kind of stuff, let’s see, we can change and gender reset. Let’s get it all back on track.

So Top Trends. And these are from my followers, so I could see all of these different things that would really work out for me if I wanted to create this type of content. But like I said, I’ve pivoted my content to more house plants, so none of this really works that best for me. Let’s actually look it up.

So that’s interesting. House plants decor, it’s down weekly down monthly. But again, it’s October, so I think people are probably thinking everything’s going to die soon, which probably is. Yearly change 200%, which tells me, in my head, that hopefully, according to this data, more people are looking for house plants decor overall. And so that would be a really good topic for me to keep pivoting towards. Fingers crossed.

To get Pinterest Trends, you have to have a business account. And again, this is in beta. I’m not sure how many people they’re offering it to. If you try, it might come up. I think it should.

If not, I don’t think they might be able to tell you how to get it. But this is free for business accounts because they want you to advertise and spend more money in advertising. But it’s a very, very

interesting set of data. And thank Pinterest so much for giving me this and letting me check it out and share it with you guys. So if you have any questions about this, leave a comment and let me know.

I’ll try and help you out as best I can. Again, this is in beta, so we’ll check it out and see how it goes. But I will talk to you in the next few.

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