My Favorite Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen and Dining Room

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Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen

Continuing my series about the thrift store hauls we’ve done for our home, let me introduce you to the world of the thrifted kitchen and dining room.

I know there are some people who get eeked out at the thought of secondhand goods living in your kitchen, but for those who aren’t squeamish (and have a good dishwasher), the scores at thrift stores can be incredible when it comes to filling a kitchen. 

Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen and Dining Room

Here are a few things I’ve picked up and what I’m still on the hunt for:

Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen

Vintage Wedgewood china

I picked this set up for less than $1 at the Goodwill Outlet and they are absolutely stunning. The pattern is called “Countryside”

Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen

These copper footed drinking glasses

Steve recently asked me if I planned on keeping them since we didn’t use them often and I looked at him like he was nuts. Hello, they’re genuine copper and union-made vintage! We may not use them often because we don’t do a lot of entertaining. But they’re perfect for when the family comes to visit. They were .59 each at Goodwill.

Thrift Store Finds for Our Kitchen

Wine glasses

I have a plethora of stemmed wine glasses downstairs that I use for staging and for selling, but I’ve kept a few that either weren’t in sellable condition but were still amazing (like the red ones shown here) or were good compliments to our current, small collection.


These Cincinnati Bengals pint glasses

Okay, these might not seem like a big deal, except that I live in New York and found these at our local Goodwill. Steve is originally from Cincinnati, and the Bengals are his favorite team (I know, poor thing). So I was super pumped to come across these for a buck each.

thrifted Dining Room finds

Canisters for tea, coffee, and sugar

I picked these up at the same time so I guess someone donated them all together even though they aren’t exact matches. I love the green as a compliment to the copper accents.

thrifted Dining Room finds

Canisters for the dog treats

These canisters were actually purchased before I had a use for them. But I just loved them too much to leave them at the thrift store. They now hold Jimmy’s dog treats. 

thrifted Dining Room finds

Bottles, sterling tea pots, flower vases, and shelving

Everything in this picture was less than $1 each, including the shelving. 

thrifted Dining Room finds

This incredible wine display

I actually picked this up on Craigslist for $15 and absolutely adore it! It’s great for dry storage and adds to the vintage look of our space.


Pots and Pans

This might be the gross part for some of you, but before you write me off as disgusting, I’ve found SO many brand new t-fal pots and pans for pennies on the dollar if they were in a retail store. I’ve also seen others show off Le Creuset finds, though I haven’t been as fortunate…yet!

Our dining table and chairs

I’ve told this story before, but the dining table was the first piece of thrifted furniture we picked up when we moved here. It’s incredibly hefty and was a PITA to get into my Honda Fit but it was only $10! I keep meaning to paint it, but I haven’t decided on a color yet that would match our vintage/industrial look (any ideas?)

Mason Jars

We’ve used these for drinking glasses before, but now they mostly hold plant clippings.

Storage bins for under the sink

There are always dozens of these square storage bins around. And I love them for holding our cleaning supplies under the sink.

What I’m Still on The Hunt For

These will mostly be from either local estate sales/craigslist or a couple of local architectural salvage stores in the area, but I still count it as secondhand (although I definitely wouldn’t mind stumbling on any of this at Goodwill or Savers!)

Vintage hardware for the cabinets

My goal is to slowly overhaul the kitchen and repaint the cabinets (yes, for a second time). So I’d love to find actual antique knobs for the doors, preferably copper to match the upcoming changes.


We have the ugliest ceiling light in the kitchen that has cracks on its cover and just doesn’t suit my tastes. I’d love to get a better light here and a hanging light over the sink.

My white whale – Copper tin ceiling tiles

There’s a divider on the ceiling in our kitchen that separates the dining space from the cooking area, and I would LOVE to install some copper-colored tin ceiling tiles over the dining table to compliment the copper accents in the kitchen space. 

A new-to-me Coffee Maker

I’ve had bad luck with the coffee makers I’ve had recently. And I know from selling used ones on eBay that I can get some high-end brand names for a song (I usually use this coffee maker cleaner to clear them out). Once the stores open back up I’m going on the hunt for a DeLonghi or Ninja. Though I’d take a Miele, too. I know they show up often, so I don’t think I’ll be on the hunt for long.

Kitchen aid Stand Mixer

Yes, these are readily available new, but I want the score of finding it at a thrift store. It’s all about the hunt!

Some of my past thrifting hauls (that include these purchases!)

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