My latest Etsy plant haul: Where to buy rare plants

Welp, thanks to Stimmys and desperately needing to get outside, I’ve restarted my love affair with buying plants online so thought it might be time for a plant update.

You guys know that Etsy is one of my favorite places to find plants so this post is all Etsy sellers, all the time. Let me show you my latest buys! Truth be told: I haven’t received these yet so I can’t say how viable they are, but pop back around next month and I’ll post an update on what I’ve been able to keep alive, and what’s ended up in the great compost bin in the sky.

I know that inventories and availability can change so I’m also linking the sellers’ shops here so that you can check out their latest offerings when you’re searching for ideas about where to buy rare plants.

2/3 EYE Peony ‘Sorbet’ Double Bloom Peony from FromdiVineOrganics
Caladium ‘Marie Moir’ by MyPlantObsession
Caladium ‘Florida Moonlight’ from MyPlantObsession
Caladium ‘White Christmas’ from MyPlantObsession
Caladium “Pink Symphony” from MyPlantObsession

Wanna follow along with my plant addiction (and subsequent American Express payments)? Check out my Favorites lists on Etsy as you’ll find a collection of plants I’m scoping out. Hopefully this will help you figure out where to buy rare plants without spending ridiculous amounts of money!


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  1. I just loveeeeeeeeeeeee all the plants, but i specially love the peony sorbet and florida moonlight, it is soooo beautiful. Thanks fir the share.

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