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I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to making videos for my blog, but I know that I’m hurting no one but myself by putting it off. I’m sure you have heard over and over that video is the future of the internet, and we are all getting left behind if we’re not creating our own videos.

I try not to be a procrastinator with my projects, though things get sidetracked or moved around…such is life. But with video, I 400% know that I drag my feet because it feels like yet. Another. Thing. That needs to be done, you know? It always falls to the wayside and leaves this huge clump of stress in my brain…I need to get videos done for May, I need to edit and post the videos from March, I haven’t even recorded anything for April!

In the interest of clearing out some space in my brain and getting over this hurdle, I’m working on a challenge to do a vlog (a portmanteau of sorts of “video” and “blog”) every day for the month of May. They won’t be pretty, and probably not very long (especially in the beginning since I’m getting the hang of it), but I will do it, dammit. I’m sick of having this hanging over me, and so I’ve just got to bite the bullet and accept things as not perfect but “enough.”

I’d love to have you join me if you’re so interested. I’ve created a month’s worth of vlogging prompts and have created a mastermind group for those who are interested in asking questions and supporting each other on our path to incorporating video into our businesses.

Wanna join? It’s starting tomorrow (May 1), so sign up now to receive the first set of prompts (it’s free!) 2023 UPDATE: The Vlog a Day Challenge is now available in my Member’s Library, and it’s free to join:


In the meantime, you can follow my videos on our Instagram stories or our YouTube channel.

See(!!!!) you soon.

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