Steampunk Decor Ideas

New Steampunk Decor Ideas For Your Home

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If you love unconventional and eccentric interior styles, you might want to try Steampunk decor. This decor involves a lot of Victorian-age components, oversized wall decors, and technological decors. Think about Jules Verne, dark color palette, and machinery. It’s a great and unique style that will surely get everyone talking, and who doesn’t love one-of-a-kind decor? So if that gets you excited, we’ve got some new steampunk decor ideas for your home.

What is Steampunk Decor?

Before we go into decorating, let’s first have an idea of what we’re getting ourselves into. Steampunk decor, what is it?

A little warmer than Industrial Decor, and a little more metallic than Rustic Decor, Steampunk Decor is all about incorporating Victorian style and technology into your home decorations. If you love tin ceilings and have a fascination with the inner mechanisms of things, you’ll love adding steampunk furniture and decor to your home. (while we’re at it, check out our post, “What is Steampunk Decor?“)

New Steampunk Decor Ideas For Your Home

With its uniqueness and diversity, you can do so many things with steampunk decor. Here are some new steampunk decor ideas we think you’d like:

Switch Out Your Lightswitch Cover

Are you still unsure about this interior design, but you still want to incorporate it into your home? Start with your light switch covers, instead of getting those plain white or cream light switch covers, swap them with copper covers. It’s subtle and very inexpensive. You can also substitute your boring light switches with a vintage-looking toggle switch.


Steampunk Light Switch Plate Cover – $8.80

Steampunk Decor Ideasblank
Steampunk Decora Rocker Throw Switch Natural Wood Light Switch Plate Cover – $33.95

Upcycled Steampunk Coffee Table

Steampunk Decor Ideas

Got some old gadgets or scrap metals laying in your home? Turn them into a coffee table! Simply create a base table, which could be made of excess pipes, and then a sheet of metal in which you’ll weld or place old scrap metals. If this is too complicated for you, you can have it made by your local carpenter or someone who specializes in metal crafts.

Steampunk Shelf Brackets

Another easy way to inject steampunk into your home is by installing industrial pipe brackets. They are pretty easy to do and come in many styles, colors, and shapes. These brackets are not only charming, but they’re also pretty useful and can be used as is, as a shelf bracket, or do something unconventional like bike storage.

Steampunk Decor Ideasblank
Wall Mounted Floating Shelf – $24.99

Unique Wall Decors

Show off your love for this style by hanging a clock made designed with clock wheels, a compass, a globe, and the sun. How steampunk could you be with this decor? How about an oversized gear wheel decor? With this style, there is a lot you can do, especially with wall decor.

Steampunk Cat Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Art – $12.99

Gears of Time Steampunk Wall Clock Sculpture – $39.39
Vinyl Sticker Decals Art Decor Design Steampunk Gears and Cogs Geometric Machine Circles Mechanism – $26.99


Take a trip to your local flea market and scour the best steampunk decor you can find. When looking for figurines or decor, try to find something that is both visually appealing and also functional. Like this Octopus Lantern, a table or a desk lamp, or this beautiful glass light bulb vases.

Steampunk Inspired Mechanical Spider Resin Statue Figurine – $20.49
Spi Home Octopus Lantern – $169.95

Which of these steampunk decor ideas will you be incorporating into your home? Share them below!

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