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Heads Up: DuPont has sponsored this post but the opinions are all mine. Pow!

Next month will officially be 6 months in our home! It feels like last week and 10 years all at the same time. We’ve made a lot of progress so far, but as always, it feels like more things could be done. One thing we really need to tackle is the outside of the home:


Since that original picture (taken in October when we came up for a week to paint and such), we’ve upgraded the deck and front stoop (coming soon!) and we’ve got additional plans to up the curb appeal with some shutters and flower boxes…but what really needs to be addressed is this:


Quick run over on our home: It was a foreclosure that was empty for about 5 years, and was cared for on a minimal basis (as in, I just found out our next door neighbor was the one who would trim the shrub in front so that it didn’t overtake the sidewalk), so a lot of things are a mystery to us. The weird holes in the siding are no exception…we’ve got around 6-7 holes on the back and side of the home that need to be repaired or replaced. Luckily they’re not big enough where critters could crawl in…well, except for my nemesis: hornets (we found an abandoned hornets’ nest in our mailbox so it’s a little worrisome).

So, in addition to watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to replace siding (which seems easy…famous last words, right?), we’re also taking steps to correct any wear to the frame or insulation of the house, which is where DuPont Tyvek® comes into play. Taking the extra steps to prevent additional moisture, or mold, or rot (…yikes!) from entering the frame of the house feels like it’s one of those things that goes from “yeah, maybe we should do that” to “oh man, thank fluff we did!”

Our house was originally built circa 1938 so we’ve got a lot of history to either restore or repair, but taking the right steps to ensure the health of our home for another 80 years is totally worth the extra effort, don’t you think? Shout out to DuPont Tyvek® for helping us make it happen.

Check out their video below to see why Tyvek® has been voted the best in the industry for 20 consecutive years.

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