oh, the places I have(n’t) been.

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So, I’ve been missing for a while (shout out to Dannica and Maricel for keeping the blog alive and running), though I haven’t been very far. It’s a little uncomfortable to get uber open like this but, in May of this year, I was laid off from a job I loved. I knew about the lay off before then, and the company was generous with my allowances, but it didn’t make the sting any less painful.

Since then I’ve been in a sort of mental retreat, trying to move past the loss and pick up my professional pieces. I’ve thought about this blog a ton, especially because I’ve been really into gardening lately, or I should say, buying the $1 clearance plants from Lowe’s and trying to keep them alive and wanted to talk all about it. It was a cheap distraction in any case, but I just didn’t have the energy to put any of my heart into posting here.

However, a trip to Haven and a new job have brought my groove back. More on both later, of course, but I felt like I should acknowledge my MIA time and apologize, rather than just diving into it like you wouldn’t notice a 3+ month silence on my end.

Shady’s Megan’s back, tell a friend.


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