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6 Best Websites for Online Furniture Shopping

by Dannica
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If you’re replacing or buying new furniture for your home (read our post about “What You Should Know When Purchasing Furniture For Your Home“), it can be quite a hassle! Going to the store alone is already tiring, never mind going around and choosing furniture. Despite people traditionally preferring to go in-store to shop, there has also been a continuous trend of people opting for online furniture shopping. Take countries like China, Brazil, Chile, and the UK. Shoppers were most likely to purchase furniture and homeware products online. While the US is slowly catching up.

The Convenience of Online Furniture Shopping

Still not convinced about shopping online for your furniture? These points might change your mind:

  • Saves Time / Convenient – online shopping saves you a lot of wasted time. It cuts off commute time, and you can do it on your own time, whenever or wherever you like – it’s very convenient.
  • No Pressure – one of the things that slightly bothers me about furniture shopping or shopping, in general, is the pressure coming from some salesperson. Many times youll feel reluctant about buying or not buying anything.
  • Variety – with the internet, it’s super easy to hop from one website to another to find the best furniture you’re looking for. It’s also easier to compare prices, and most of the time, you’ll even get a discount.
  • Saves Money – a lot of online shop offers great discount and if you snag a great deal, you might even be qualified for free shipping.

6 Best Websites for Online Furniture Shopping

Are you ready to shop for your home? Here are some of the best websites to shop for your home and furniture needs:

Cloth & Co – if you’re conscious about the environment and want to buy from sustainable shops, try Cloth & Co. This Australian-based company specializes in beautifully made clothes, small home accessories, and soft goods, all made from ethical and sustainable sources.

Target – this is a no-brainer, if you love inexpensive and trendy furniture for your home, Target got your back. They also offer free shipping and a lot more discounts!

Ikea – This Swedish company is a one-stop shop and probably has all your furniture needs. You’ll also have fun pronouncing their furniture names.

APT2B – From their website, At Apt2B, we know that looks can kill, simplicity is sexy, and Don Draper is real. That’s why we’re bringing you more style for less money.”This shop aims to bring the best and trendiest furniture at an affordable price.

Burke Decor – Get quality furniture from all over the world with Burke Decor. At Burke Decor, they ensure every product sold is of the finest quality and the most competitively priced on the market. This website also conducts a lot of sales so you better watch out for that.

Craigslist – you might wonder why Craigslist is listed here, but this actually a great place to find furniture. If you’re not overly picky about furniture, this is actually a great place to find second-hand furniture. If you’re patient, you might just score a great piece.

Which of these websites is your go-to for online furniture shopping? Leave a comment below, and happy shopping!

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