Organizing Your Closet: 7 Foolproof Tips

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Buying clothes can be one of the most fun things, but what is the point of having fancy clothes when you can’t even find them in your wardrobe? Closets can be a nightmare to some people as it’s one of the most unorganized and chaotic parts of a room. Organizing your closet can be really tedious and a hassle but keeping it clean and organized is way better than a messy closet (and we can show you how!). So, are you ready to finally organize your closet?

Organizing Your Closet: Is It Necessary?

So, is it really necessary? Yes! By organizing your closet, you will have a better view of all your clothes. You’ve probably had that experience where you want to wear a specific piece of clothing only not to find it in your closet, and after a few days or weeks, you find it deep within the abyss that is the back of your closet. In addition to keeping your clothing inventory in check, you are also maximizing your space by organizing your closet (which is a must, especially if you have a minimalist room theme).

7 Foolproof Tips for Organizing Your Closet

If you’re sick of living with a messy and unorganized closet, then you’d better read on because we’ve got seven foolproof tips on organizing your closet.

Unload Your Closet

Take out all your clothes, bags, or any accessories from your closet and go through them. Keep three bins with you: One for donation, one for keep, and one for clothes or accessories you plan to sell. This way, you’re able to downsize your stuff and pick out which things you haven’t used (a good timeframe is one year) or no longer want.

Plan Your Closet

Before putting your clothes/accessories back in your closet, visualize how you’d want your stuff to look. Are you going to separate your clothes by color? Season? Make sure to sketch or keep in mind how you are going to organize them.

Start Organizing

Organizing your closet can be daunting, but if you already have a plan on how to organize your stuff then it’s going to be much easier. There are a lot of ways you can separate your things – through color, season, or classification. The choice is up to you.

Buy Boxes/Storage Solutions

Using storage solutions can help you separate things from your closet. If possible, purchase clear boxes so you can see easily what is inside them. Put scarves, belts or accessories in boxes and label or stick a picture in the boxes, so you know what is inside of them and can make quick decisions when planning an outfit.

Try Dividers

Use dividers when separating your clothes. Shelf dividers will make your closet look neat and organized. Utilize dividers to categorize your clothes. You can also DIY and use old CDs as dividers for your closet.

Hangers In One Direction

Hanging your clothes in one direction or the hangers facing the same way, it may be too much for some, but it makes your closet look more tidy and neat.

Call A Professional

This should be your last resort, but if you are having a hard time organizing your closet. There are professionals who can fix your closet. Fun fact, Kim Kardashian used to organize closets for celebrities, she was even tagged as “Queen of the Closet Organizing Scene” by her clients.

There are a lot of ways how you can organize your closet. There is no wrong or right, so don’t be afraid to go experiment and see which one works and which one doesn’t. How do you organize your closet? Share your tips below!

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