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How To Prepare Your Home For A New Dog

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Bringing a dog at home is truly a highlight for every family (all of us at The Beige House are happy dog owners!). A dog or any pet can bring much joy and delight to everyone, but getting a dog or a puppy also brings new levels of responsibility. This is why it’s important to prepare your home for a new dog. You have to be considerate with your little pup, as it can be stressful and exciting to be in a new environment. Doggy-proofing your home can also help you and your pup adjust to your home.

Prepare Your Home For A New Dog: Are You Ready?

Like we said, getting a dog is a big responsibility. Before you decide to adopt or buy a new dog, make sure you or your family’s ready. What dog breed will suit you? Do your research and ask questions to the breeder or the place where you’ll adopt your furbaby. Decide whether you want a small, medium, or large breed but be sure to consider your home and whether it will suit the size of the dog. Some dog breeds have more energy levels and may need more exercise than others, so take a look at your lifestyle before you adopt.

How To Prepare Your Home For A New Dog

Now here comes the fun part, help your furbaby adjust and live comfortably in your home by following these tips:

Let Everyone Know About Their New Responsibility

If you’re living with your family or friends, let them know about your new addition to your home. Aside from your dog’s basic needs, he/she will need the acceptance of the household. So make sure everyone’s on board ahead of the adoption.

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Buy Your Dog’s Things

Go to your local pet store or even online and buy your dog’s stuff before they come to live with you. Leash, dog bowls, collar, treats, and anything else that you think your dog will need. Check out with your breeder/shelter to find out his food. This way, your dog won’t get an upset stomach. You can always change your dog’s diet once he/she is settled.

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Give Your Dog Space

Buy a crate for your dog if he/she is going to stay inside your house. Give him a bed, a small pillow, and even a blanket. If your dog’s not used to the crate, it’s okay, you can always crate train your dog. Meanwhile, if your dog’s going to stay outside, make sure that he/she has a comfortable place to stay with a roof over his/her head where your dog will be safe from the weather or other animals.

Prepare Your Home For A New Dog

Doggy-proof Your House

Dogs can be mischievous, especially if they’re still a puppy, so make sure to keep your things in a safe place (like documents) or away from them. Also, keep your food out of reach for your dog, some food or household things may be deadly to your dog, so be aware of that.

Potty Train Your Dog

This can be one of the hardest parts of training your dog – potty training them. The key to potty training your dog is consistency. Make a routine and stick with that. If you have a yard, let him sniff around and get used to the surroundings. Alternatively, you can buy your dog a pee pad if he/she is staying inside your home.

Doggy-proofing and preparing your home for a new pet is one of the best and smartest things a pet owner can do. This way, you’ll be able to help your dog out as well as yourself or your family. Lastly, remember to give your dog lots of love and be patient. Do you have any more tips to share? Leave a comment below.

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