The Best Accessories for a Preppy Bedroom

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We’ve recently featured some of the most popular bedroom ideas – Bohemian, Minimalist, etc. However, if your style is preppy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered by showcasing the best accessories for a preppy bedroom in this post.

A preppy aesthetic can make you feel youthful, refreshed, and bubbly. You will also love this design if you are into stripes, east coast charm, colorful polka dots, and classic colors with a traditional vibe.

What Is A Preppy Bedroom?

First off, let’s define the preppy style. According to HGTV, “No longer just for the country club set, preppy style enters the home with classic patterns, bright colors and the essential navy and white stripes.” Preppy is a mix of classical and upbeat colors that almost reminds you of coastal decor. This can also be a good design choice if you are fond of crisp linens, stripes, and natural materials. Inevitably, a lot of people will fall in love with this interior design trend.

Picking The Best Accessories for A Preppy Bedroom

And now for the most exciting part: we are going to share with you the best accessories and a couple of tips for your preppy bedroom. Here are our favorite ideas:

Pink And Green

One of the go-to color combinations for a preppy bedroom is pink and green. From bedding to throw pillows or rugs, this is one of the most popular color schemes. Floral, stripes or even a solid color will look good in your bedroom. This color scheme can also be accented with gold, black and blue.


Like the coastal decor, stripes are a definitive charm of this design idea. So for a bedroom, invest in a great striped bedding set or carpet. You can also incorporate stripes into the overall design of your room by picking wallpaper or curtains with striped details.


This has to be my (and a lot of people’s) favorite part of a preppy design. There is just something that says regal and sophisticated when you see monogrammed accessories. It basically makes everything better and looks expensive and is a quintessential addition to creating the preppy bedroom of your dreams.

Patterns and Different Finishes

Add a unique charm to your bedroom by mixing different kinds of patterns. Choosing accessories with various textures and finishes adds character to your room. Since we are going with a preppy bedroom look, pick patterns with a color scheme in line with the preppy design – pink, green, blue, or yellow.

Let Nature In

When going for the preppy look, don’t forget to add nature to your bedroom. Get some fresh flowers or indoor plants and pick bedding, wallpaper, or a headboard with floral or leafy designs. Seeing a touch of nature in your room can also make you feel calm and relaxed, perfect for a bedroom!

If you need a little pick-me-up or a change of ambiance, you might want to redecorate your room with a preppy interior. It’s bright, cheerful and will suit a lot of preferences. How are you decorating your preppy bedroom? Leave a comment below.

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