Giveaway: Ready for Spring, even if New York isn’t

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Man, it feels like this snow won’t ever let up.

stop it

And yes, I’ve gotten plenty of “well you moved upstate, what did you expect?”

I did not expect this:


So when I had the opportunity to get some sort of sunshine in my life, I jumped on it right away! Method just released a whole new line of Kitchen Hand Gel Washes and I was beyond excited to get a shot to test them out. I received the Clementine scent, as it was the closest thing to Spring I could think of. Plus, you know, it went so well with my ledge o’ succulents.


The scent is really bright and airy, and not a hint of that citrus cleanser you’re probably expecting it to smell like. The scent is really natural and stays on my hands without being overpowering. As for the texture, sometimes gels like this kinda feel a little filmy and don’t really wash off all the way. Method seemed to really take this to heart because I had no weird residue left on my hands. I’d say it was a one and done kinda wash – no re-scrubbing was needed (to which my hands were totally thankful). But I gave it the ultimate challenge: how would my hands smell after prepping garlic and onions?

The answer: DELIGHTFUL. You guys, it was downright magical that this wash was able to get rid of the cooking smells that usually make me curse myself for never wearing gloves when I cook.


And as always, Method makes sure their impact is as small as possible on the environment: the gel washes are naturally derived and packaged in bottles that are phthalate-free and packaged in 100% post-consumer recycled plastic

Method is also offering the chance for one of you to win a free bottle of their new kitchen hand gel wash in the scent of your choosing! Hooray!

[The giveaway has closed, sorry!]

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