Being a celebrity has a lot of advantages from having access to a personal chef, stylist, make-up artist, as well as the best interior designers (our favorite) and architects. Similarly, looking into their home you’ll probably fall in love with their rooms/houses, but it may be impractical to take it as a realistic inspiration for your own home. Can you imagine how much they spend to achieve their dream homes? However, you don’t have to be a Hollywood star or have a budget like a celebrity to get your favorite look. If you want to recreate your own celebrity pad, read on!

Finding Your Favorite Celebrity Pad

Decorating or redecorating your house is always a fun experience. No matter how tiring or sometimes expensive it is, it still gives us joy. Now, if you’re inspired by a celebrity's house and want to redecorate your home, the first thing we need to do is look for inspiration. Browse through the internet of your favorite celebrities pad and create an inspiration board. It will help you visualize your project better, and you can even take different inspiration from various celebrities. The second thing is the budget, in any project one of the significant things we need to consider is budget. Then after that, we can proceed with decorating!

Recreate Your Own Favorite Celebrity Pad

Even without a professional interior decor at hand and a budget like a Hollywood star, you can still create your own version of a celebrity pad. Here are some useful tips:


Black and White Kitchen

Do you love Chrissy Teigan and John Legend? Get inspiration from Chrissy and John’s Beverly Hills mansion. It boasts a pretty modern white table/bar top. Similarly, you can also copy their chair. You can pretty much find it in a lot of furniture store in the fraction of the price. If you love a  clutter-free kitchen, this is also a perfect choice for you. If you look at their kitchen, it’s very minimalistic and clean.

Self-Stick Removable Backsplash Tile Black – $39.99

Beach House Bedroom

Do you love the beach or live near the beach? You might want to take a look at Leonardo DiCaprio’s Malibu Beach house. His bedroom is pretty much simplistic and almost gender neutral. It features a predominantly white bedroom – white linens, lamps, and curtains. To give a pop of color, his wall is colored in baby blue.

Blue Interior Paint – Blue Pearl, 1 Gallon Eggshell Glidden One Coat Paint + Primer – $40.99

Celebrity Pad
White Pom-Fringe Duvet Cover Full Queen – $58.80

Neutral Living Room

Being Kylie Jenner, you might expect a flashy or vibrant living room. Rather, it’s the total opposite! Kylie opted for a neutral colored living room with colors in the shade of black, grey and white. One of the most notable piece in her living room is her glass coffee table in the middle. Steal this look by finding a similar look. Her throw pillows are also easy to copy so you can definitely finding something with the same look.

Celebrity Pad
Kitts Mid-Century Classic Chesterfield Living Room Sofa, Gray – $549.99

Throw Cushion Tufted Home Decorative Hand Made Pillow Case – $19.99

White Closet

Though you won’t probably buy all the clothes or stuff in Brooklyn Decker’s closet. You can still copy the layout of her wardrobe by installing shelves with different sizes and drawers. To give her closet a modern look, she installed glossy steel as the rod to hang your clothes.

6-Drawer Double Dresser, Pure White with Nickel Finish Knobs – $173.57


Recreating your own celebrity pad is pretty easy – with the right furniture and imagination, you’ll achieve your dream home. What is your favorite celebrity pad? Leave a comment below!