How To Replace Damaged Ceramic Tile

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Seeing a damaged or cracked tile in your home can be annoying, whether it is in the bathroom or kitchen, it’s an eyesore and might even be a danger, but calling a contractor or a carpenter for just a couple of broken tiles may be impractical. Not everyone also has the money to have someone fix it for them. But you don’t need to worry. Did you know that you can easily replace a damaged ceramic tile yourself? If you want to save some money and fix your broken tile, we’ve got you covered!

Things To Consider & What You’ll Need When Replacing a Damaged Ceramic Tile

Fixing a damaged ceramic tile is relatively easy; however, not everyone is still cut out for this task. If you have some basic handyman skills, then this project is for you. The first thing you need to do is assess how significant the damage is and whether you think it’s small enough to be repaired. If not, and the damage is big, it might be time to consider calling a professional.

Now, for some basic things that you need:

  • Replacement Tile – find the exact match of the tile you are replacing.
  • Grout – make sure to get the color the same as your old grout so that they blend well.
  • Grout Saw – used for removing grout around the tiles.
  • Tile Adhesive – get only the best tile adhesive so that your repair last long and the tile stick to the wall well.
  • Hammer – will be used to help remove the old tile.
  • Sponge – remove excess grout by using a sponge.
  • Level – this will be used to make sure that your tile is aligned.
  • Scraper – use this to scrape off old tile adhesive.

How To Replace Damaged Ceramic Tile

If you have some damaged tile that needs replacing, here’s how you can easily replace a damaged ceramic tile:

Removing The Tile

Replace Damaged Ceramic Tile
  1. Use a grout saw, or a cordless tile saw to remove the grout from around the broken tile.
  2. Wearing gloves, carefully crack the tile with a hammer and cold chisel, then remove the pieces. Sweep up all the pieces from the ground, making sure not to touch the sharp edges of the tile.
  3. Scrape the remaining adhesive off the wall using your scraper or a putty knife. If you’re working on a wallboard, make sure not to remove any layers of the wallboard. If you do, you can smoothen the area by trimming the torn layers.

Installing The Replacement Tile

Replace Damaged Ceramic Tile
  1. If you are laying out a row of tiles, use a level to align them. Butter the back of the replacement tile with a tile adhesive. Press the tile firmly into place. Check for proper spacing and allow it to sit overnight, undisturbed.
  2. Force grout into joints with putty or a float. Hold the tool at an angle and spread it across the tile diagonally. Immediately remove the excess grout with a damp sponge; repeat the process when the grout dries to a haze. Wait at least a day before touching, then seal the grout after a few weeks.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? With this knowledge, you can easily replace any damaged ceramic tile in your house. What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below.

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