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The Best Scandinavian Design Interior For Your Home

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Along with Hygge decor (you can learn more about Hygge in our post What is Hygge Decor?), Scandinavian design interior has become one of the most popular design aesthetics today, with their distinct pure and minimalistic look, these designs have been a favorite in every interior design magazine, blogs, and even your social media feed. The first golden age of Scandinavian design extends from the 1930s to the 1970s. Renowned founders are Alvar Alto, Arne Jacobsen, Borge Mogensen, Hans J. Wegner, Verner Panton, Poul Henningsen, and Maija Isola to name a few.

The Essence of Scandinavian Design

Swedes are known for their love for durable, reliable, and functional design. As a decor style, it is in contrast to extravagant interior design such as  Arabian decor or Modern French design. This type of interior decor should give you a feeling of comfort, joy, and simplicity. If you are a person who likes simplicity and uncomplicated yet functional design, the Scandinavian design interior is just the right one for you.

Some of the Best Scandinavian Design Interior Ideas

Go beyond stark minimalism and give your home a new feel. Here are some of the best ways how you can transform your house into a Scandinavian heaven:


One of the unique characteristics of Scandinavian design is its color scheme. You can go a bit muted with cool grey and blue textiles to a more vibrant and decorative design from Austrian architect and designer Josef Frank who also said, “Pattern is calming.

Scandinavian Design
Pink Wool Rug Oriental – $316.25

Wood is Good

It is no secret that Scandinavians love wood. If you’re going to pick a dominant material in your house, this decor style prefers it to be wood. Incorporate wood on ceilings, walls, and floors to add texture as well as warmth.

Scandinavian Collection Round Side – $28.82
Scandinavian Design | The Beige House
Wood Wallpaper in Grey – $60

Wooden Floors

Carpets and rugs were never a hit with a Scandinavian design interior. Instead, go for a light color wood floor because it accentuates the furniture pieces around the house and gives more light and brightness to the room.


The best thing about this design interior style is the wide variety of colors and furniture selection. You can get inspiration from the mid-century period to the modern period but remember to keep it simple. Don’t overcrowd your space with unnecessary and bulky furniture pieces.

Bedford Shelf Floor Lamp – $289.99
Walnut Flower Table Wood Top – $424.99

Love for Nature

Swedes are also known to be environmentally conscious. They are very eco-friendly. Sustainability, energy efficiency and use of eco-friendly materials are a way of life in Scandinavia, so it follows that the houses they build are well designed, energy efficient and made to last.

Super Bright Solar LED Stainless Steel – $49
Coil Solar Lantern – $29.99

Lighting is Everything

Opt for big untinted windows to encourage natural light in your home. Add various lighting to enhance the beauty of your room. From hanging to a table lamp, make sure you have sufficient light.

Warehouse Pendant 1 Light – $218
Berkley Black Single Light Pendant – $78

And these are some of the best Scandinavian design interiors you can try in your own home. Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comment below.

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