Shabby Chic Office Decor Ideas

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Productivity and space – how many times have we heard that there is a correlation between the two? So, if you have the ability and the power to choose a theme to design your office, we encourage you to look at some of these shabby chic office decor ideas to help you increase your productivity and create a less stressful environment.

Why Shabby Chic Office Is a Great Idea

If you’re working from home or just want to change your space, having an office that you like can boost your productivity and will also lessen burnout. So if you like shabby chic and you’re thinking about adapting it to your office, then go ahead! Shabby chic is laid back yet still elegant, so it’s a perfect design idea for an office space.

Shabby Chic Office Decor Ideas

You might probably agree that white brings the feeling that your room is the tidiest one. Also, a white-themed office does not only make your room look neater but less cluttered looking too. Having said that, we suggest that you paint your office white and bring in items of the same color, such as a desk lamp and a vase with white flowers in it, including your mobile pedestal.


For a less feminine look, you may replace the white vase with distressed-looking tin cans and your white flowers with cactus, snake plant, or aloe.


Harmonize your room with wood accents, such as a corkboard in a wooden frame to place and organize your notes. A DIY old-looking wooden framed corkboard would be a better choice.


If you want someone entering your room to have their eyes immediately look at your working area, an old varnished wood backdrop would be a great focal point. Similarly, you may place four ledge wall shelves where you could put two to three books of your choice and a few more decors like a photo of your favorite people or a photo of yourself in a white frame. It would be best to have the same texture or material of wood that you have used in your backdrop to place consistency in your shabby chic office.

We suggest open shelving to make sure that you could play around with the items you want to put on it, as well as position bigger or taller items such as trophies and plaques. But do take note that moderation is the key. Keep in mind that this is your workplace, not your gallery.

Place blinds to dim your office and help your air conditioning system to cool down your room when too much brightness and heat come radiate from the sun’s rays. Use faux wood blinds to complement your shelves and backdrop.

A playable stylish art decor on a solid wood display stand can accentuate your white desk and serve as your stress reliever, too, when loads of work with almost the same deadlines are piling up.


Use large indoor plants not just to beautify your workspace but also to help you reduce stress. Add a tall or large indoor plant to the small ones on your desk or shelves. In one study, “findings suggest that nature contact is a healthy workplace exposure”.

Another study “concluded that employees were 15% more productive when “lean” workplaces are filled with just a few houseplants, as employees who actively engage with their surroundings are better workers”.

 We suggest having indoor plants that are placed in whitewashed terra cotta pots, with plant stands or large natural and white terra cotta funnel planters with bases.  

A shabby chic decorated space, such as a white-painted office adorned with vintage-looking accents, is elegant, professional, and easy to update in case you want more colors in the next few years.

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