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Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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Do you have a small dining room and want to add life to it? Get design inspiration or design tips to maximize and change up your dining room for every day or a special occasion in today’s post. In some of our recent posts, we’ve shared some useful tips about decorating your kitchen – from Coastal to Mediterranean, we gathered up some pretty cool tips. Now if you have a small apartment or a cozy house and want to makeover your dining area, here’s how you can spruce up your small dining room.

Furnishing a Small Dining Room Challenges

Making the most out of a small dining room can be extremely challenging, as any limited space can be. When you are dealing with a small dining room, you have a lot of things to consider. First off, your space, then choosing the right furniture for your dining room with regards to size and functionality. When you are working with a small space, other than aesthetics, functionality is essential. It has to be practical and space-saving. Like any other project, you also have to consider your budget. And lastly, the theme you are going for.

Small Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Here are some small dining room decorating ideas that can help you be efficient and create your perfect dining area:

Choose The Best Table Shape

Depending on where you will place your table, try to find the best table shape. For example, you can maximize a corner a by choosing square table – place it near a window for a better view. You can also get those table that extends for when you have friends coming over. A round table is also a great option – it can occupy three or more people. Another option is a narrow rectangular table; this will work in narrow dining areas.

Kitchen Dining Table White Round – $89.72

Minimalist Chairs

Instead of getting those big and grand dining chairs, opt for minimalist chairs. Get an armless chair to maximize your space better. Your furniture doesn’t always have to match, as long as it looks cohesive or fits your theme, then go for it. If you want, you can also mix and match different kinds of dining chairs/tables.

White Modern DSW Chair – $73.99

Choose A Hanging Light

A big chandelier or hanging light can take up too much space and might make your area look smaller. So pick a hanging light with a small structure and uncomplicated design. This will give a better illusion of a bigger space.

Danica Pendant Light – $29.95


If you have a small space, mirrors are going to be your best friend. This decorative and functional piece creates an illusion of a bigger space and reflects light. It is also inexpensive, so mirrors are really a great addition to any space.

Full Length Mirror – $149.99

Limit Your Color Palette

For your dining room or any room that you want to look bigger, work with the limited color palette. Use a neutral or pastel color palette to make the room look airier. Light colors also reflect heat, so that is another advantage.

Having a limited area for your dining room doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice design and functionality. With the right tips and hard work, you will achieve your dream dining area! What would you like to see next? Leave a comment below!

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