Southwestern Family Room Design Ideas

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If you want a relaxed yet rugged decor in your family room, Southwestern should be the top of your choices. This home decor is reminiscent of the landscape beauty of the desert. It’s warm yet rugged. Houzz Contributor, Lisa Frederick said Southwestern style evokes the beauty and romance of desert landscapes and the Old West. It blends old with new, rugged with refined and earthy with fanciful to create a style with unmistakable energy and warmth.So if you want the best of both worlds, go for a Southwestern family room.

A Southwestern Family Room, Is It For You?

The southwestern decor would probably suit the taste of a lot of people. If you like eclectic prints, natural accessories, leather and rugged interiors, then a southwestern family room is a match made in heaven. Your family can easily enjoy the old/modern vibe of this room. What’s great about this design idea is that you can add subtle pieces or go all out and still build a cohesive aesthetic.

Decorating Southwestern Family Room In A Budget

If you are smitten by the Southwestern design idea but don’t want to break your budget, then read on. We’ve gathered decorating tips and picked some accessories that would look great in your Southwestern family room. Check it out:

Get A Comfortable Sofa

Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time lounging in your family room, pick a comfy couch. The southwestern color scheme is earthy and vibrant so a neutral-toned leather couch is a perfect touch if you want that classic look. However, if you already have a couch and still want to stick to the Southwestern theme, you can just buy sofa covers.

Southwestern Family Room
Traditional-Style Living Room Largo Stationary Sofa – $2369

Rugs Are A Must

Adding rugs to your family room is one the easiest and cheapest way to decorate your Southwestern family room. Choose a kilim rug with any geometric design. This adds a punch and a focal point for your southwestern decor.

Southwestern Family Room | Interior Design
Medium Size Rug with Kilim Design – $239.99

Throw Pillows

If you’re changing covers or adding throw pillows to your family room, consider the hue of your rug and go from there. This way, you’ll have consistency amongst your accessories. You can also diy and paint your throw pillows if you have some extra plain white pillow covers in your house.

Southwestern Family Room | Design Ideas | Interior Design
Exotic Bohemian Style Geometric Figure Throw Pillow Case – $16.59

Abstract Artwork

Now, add an extra wild west vibe to your southwestern family room by hanging abstract or nature-inspired artwork. You can also turn to YouTube if you want to create and make your own abstract painting. Thrift stores are also a great place to find cheap and unique artworks.

Southwestern Interior Decor
Modern Abstract Oil Painting – $51.89

Integrate Plants

Your southwestern decor won’t be complete without something green. Place some decorative or indoor plants in your family room. Through this, you’ll have more of that nature feels and just generally brighten up the room. Plants with big leaves look especially nice with this kind of decor.

And that’s how you decorate a Southwestern family room without breaking your budget. Do you have any tips to add? Find more room inspiration/tips by heading to decor by style.

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