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Your Book of Awesome is a workbook designed to help you realize 100 steps towards your goal. So often we all get caught in the day-to-day pieces and never see the big picture. This workbook is designed to help you reflect on every step you’ve taken to move forward.102 pages, editable PDF

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Hi, I'm Megan!

I’m a former NYC entrepreneur who escaped to Upstate NY to renovate a 1930’s Cape Cod (and maybe even become “an adult”).


I have a lot of buckets that my work fits into: home decor, vintage, and entrepreneurship…so you could say that I am OBSESSED with keeping myself organized and on track.


That’s why I created Your Book of Awesome, to help folks like you who have a million things going on, who never feel like they’re making progress on anything.


Your Book of Awesome was designed to help you see the steps you’ve taken to move forward, so you can reflect on how far you’ve come on any goal!

No Shit September

Sometimes, you just need a place to tally all the steps you’ve taken forward.

It can be difficult to realize your progress when you’re in the trenches every day, believe me I know!

What Do You Do with a Book of Awesome?

  • Record Your Day
  • Each day, before bed, log one accomplishment you’ve crossed off your list. Even if it’s small or feels inconsequential, develop the habit of logging your progress.
  • Go Back and Review Each 25 Day Block
  • Keeping aware of the progress you’ve made is hugely beneficial to your mood, motivation, and your drive. About the end of every month, review your progress the past few weeks and be amazed at how far you’ve actually come.
  • Use 1 Book or Multiple, It’s Up to You!
  • Your Book of Awesome can be used multiple times, so set it up for one big goal, or just use it to keep a running list of little steps for multiple projects. There’s no one way to use Your Book of Awesome!
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