Spring Cleaning? 7 Easy Home Cleaning Tips

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We know there have been a lot of home cleaning tips and tricks that are shared by everybody, anybody, anyone, anywhere, but we can’t help but share more of these with you! We have written down 7 family home cleaning tips that we think would be very useful.

7 Family Home Cleaning Tips

Home cleaning shouldn’t be a burden this is why we came up with seven no-fuss home cleaning tips you can use when you are ready to do your Spring cleaning:

Prepare your tools and cleaning products

Do an inventory of the cleaning tools and products that you would require at least a week ahead prior to the day that you need them to have adequate time in purchasing the items and have everything ready when cleaning day comes.

During house cleaning, make sure your cleaning items are within reach or in the middle if you are cleaning a large area and if someone is helping you.


In every task, most people would find starting it the hardest. We can only imagine how stay-at-home moms and dads reading this are nodding their heads at this very moment, especially if there are toddlers.

Make sure to keep those toys away from your path before you begin cleaning. For one, you’ll be able to unconsciously start tidying up your home, and another is that you’re making it safer for you and anyone helping you with the house cleaning.


Once you declutter, that means you should start organizing stuff. Don’t just literally remove them out of your way and stuck them anywhere you can’t see them. Toys, papers, bills, and school or office things should be organized on shelves or boxes.

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Dust & Mask

Wipe things clean before keeping them. Also, dust cabinets, appliances, and other fixtures from top to bottom. Don’t forget to wear a mask.

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One and only

Do not multitask.

One area at a time.

One area per person if there’s help from another household member.

Right or left, or left or right, it does not matter. What is important is you begin and finish by following one certain direction. You may use your door or window as your point of origin.

See what’s underneath

When you think you have cleaned every part of your home, think of the spaces underneath your sofa, microwave, refrigerator, bed, and other appliances or furniture. Take time to look underneath and see what else should be cleaned. These are some of the areas that are usually overlooked during house cleaning. Ask a family member’s help to lift furniture around.


It is best that a cleaning schedule should be set, apart of course, from the daily cleaning habits or “as the need arises” situations.

When everyone in the household is informed, it would serve as an avenue to get their participation in the house cleaning.

This way, the tasks would be lighter and can be completed in less time. After they have participated in the house cleaning, you’ll be surprised at how each one would remind another family member to keep things tidy.

Try to schedule and assign a simple task to your kid, such as arranging the pairs of cluttered shoes onto your shoe rack, and you’d be amazed when you get reminded by your kid to properly put back the shoes into the rack every time you come home. When each member is responsible for making sure the house is neat, house cleaning wouldn’t be much of a worry soon.

Whether you have a big or small family, what‘s most important is everyone agrees that your house should always be kept tidy, if not spotless.

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