Steampunk, though unpopular, is one of the most interesting home design styles around. If you decide to go for it, go big! Never miss a thing, even your aquarium!

A steampunk aquarium just suits the theme well – water, industrial-themed accessories, machinery, pipes, and tubes. If at this point, the ultimate steampunk hero Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Nautilus is coming to mind, you're on the right track!

With that said, we’ve listed a few in-demand accessories that you’d want to include in your steampunk aquarium. Read on.

Setting Up a Steampunk Aquarium

If this is your first time setting up an aquarium, make sure to do an extensive research. Be a responsible pet owner. Gather all the necessary information about aquarium care so you can provide a secure and comfortable environment for your aquatic friends. This is very important, especially when preparing an unconventional habitat for them.

Research about the fish’s diet, tank maintenance, tank size-to-number of fish ratio, as well as the right equipment to use for their aquarium. You can seek advice from the pet store staff and they’d be surely happy to help you out.  

Steampunk Aquarium Accessories

Once you’re ready to have your own fish tank and have an idea on how to set up an aquarium, you can now start assembling it. Here are some steampunk aquarium accessories you’ll love:



Think about the bottom of the ocean… dark with speckles of amazing under the sea creatures. Fill your tank with dark pebbles and throw in some stones with different colors, textures, and sizes.

Pure Water Pebbles Aquarium Gravel – $10.07

Sunken Ships

A steampunk aquarium will not be complete without ships. Try putting in a couple sunken ships with metal details and patchworks. Adding sunken ships or old ship parts to your aquarium will give it the “Jules Verne” steampunk vibe.

Steampunk Aquarium
Shipwreck – $30.59
Steampunk Aquarium Accessories
Dr. Moss Aircraft Carrier Cave Aquarium Ornament – $16.83

Nautical Decors

The nautical decors are the most exciting and fun part! You surely don't want to miss playing with these elements. Some of the best ideas would be a metal octopus, metal fishes, or a ship’s wheel. You need to accessorize your steampunk aquarium with at least one of these for authenticity.

Nautical Steampunk Octopus Statue – $29.99
Submarine – $31.89
Giant Deep Sea Octopus Kraken – $29.99


A clockwork or statue of a clock is a definite must-have in a steampunk aquarium. There are different styles of clocks to be found literally everywhere and surely, you will find an underwater-themed clockwork.

Steampunk Submarine Sci-fi Fantasy Statue – $67.50
Desk Clocks Bronze Finish Steampunk Octopus – $63.00


Plants may not be entirely steampunk but, fake underwater plants are good for the fish. Despite their “highly advanced” surrounding, plants are familiar to them. Put different colored plants or better yet, stick with shades of green so that they don't overpower your other decors.

Artificial Green Water Plants – $11.99

Food Trinket Box

Keep your fishes’ food container in sync with your steampunk theme. Have a steampunk trinket box placed above or beside your aquarium to make it look like it’s part of the whole presentation.

Steampunk Octopus Trinket Box – $32.62

Now your steampunk aquarium is complete! The next step is to observe your masterpiece and see if the fishes are comfortable in their steampunk crib. Is it too much or maybe you can add some more decor? Adjust your aquarium accessories accordingly and enjoy the view!