Steampunk Bedroom Design Ideas

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Though a bit uncommon, steampunk decor seems to be a favorite here on our blog. When people hear the word “steampunk,” they tend to think of metals, industrial, and the Victorian era – as well as the greatest inventions during that time. It’s a unique and peculiar style that exudes its own kind of elegance. If you love machinery combined with Victorian style for your bedroom, steampunk is for you. (Read our post “What is steampunk?) Whether you want a touch of its industrial-ly vibe or go full steam ahead, we’ve got some awesome steampunk bedroom design ideas for you.

Why Pick a Steampunk Bedroom?

Our bedroom is our haven – it’s a very vital and essential part of the house. It’s a place to relax, unwind and re-energize. Now most of us design our bedroom according to our hobbies, or interest, this is because it promotes the feeling of being in our safe place or “comfort zone.” If you are someone who is fascinated with industrial design and machinery, steampunk is a no-brainer choice.

Affordable Steampunk Bedroom Design Ideas

Ready to create your own steampunk-themed bedroom? Take a look at these inexpensive accessories that will transform your room:

Use Interesting Light Fixtures

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add steampunk to your room is through steampunk-inspired lights. These lights will emphasize the other magnificent furniture you have and can also serve as decor. You can choose from having a bedside lamp, wall, ceiling, or all of them. With this style, you won’t have to worry about accessories not matching each other as long as they’re in line with the industrial/Victorian look.

Refurbished Furniture

Don’t be afraid to use refurbished furniture. This adds charm to your bedroom and is less expensive than buying from a furniture shop. Another good thing about buying refurbished furniture is that you can DIY them according to your liking. Don’t like the color? Repaint it! Missing some parts? Replace it (or leave it as is)!


Go full-steam ahead with your steampunk bedroom by incorporating steampunk-inspired pillows, blankets, or linens. If you just want a subtle hint of this style, you can make your bed your focal point and fill it with printed pillows or beddings – the usual styles are machinery, or another great design is a world map or tapestry.


Another must-have for a steampunk fan is leather. Whether it’s a small leather chair in your room or a leather bed frame, this element is a style staple. And because we’re all for affordability, don’t splurge on real leather; there are faux leathers that are almost the same look and quality at a much cheaper price.

Muted Neutral Colors

Some of the colors associated with steampunk are muted neutral colors – brown, cream, black, sepia, dark green, or dark red. Metallic colors also are welcomed in this design, so if that’s something you like, then go for it. You can choose your color scheme from these colors or use a few shades together. Sticking to muted neutral colors, ties all your decor together.

There you have it; these are some affordable steampunk bedroom design ideas. Which of these tips will you be incorporating in your bedroom?

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